Branding is the process of creating a name, design or symbol, imagery and colours that identifies and differentiates a brand from its competitors. A smart brand reflects a company’s personality, the benefits of a product or service and builds recognition and loyalty in customers. Visual appeal is captivating and very influential.

Branding Design: 6 Reasons It Is A Must For Every Company

Let’s look in more detail the reasons why branding services and logo design services in Australia are creating not just pretty pictures, but producing solid business foundations for growth, credibility and ongoing success:

1. Tells your customer who you are

Branding design reveals to your customers and potential customers, who you are and what you stand for. It can immediately announce you to a world of potential, and what type of product or service you sell, and what benefit/s you offer.

2. Differentiates you from the competition

Your brand design heIps show what makes you unique and gives you the edge. Your brand may be more fun and Light hearted than the competition. Perhaps you roll your dice as sober and professional, bold or soft etc. You may be one of many in your field, but a standout logo design will put you ahead of the game. For example, symbols often represent certain industries or products, so that visual instantly spells out the area you work in and how you may do things differently.

3. Invites people into your brand

Good branding design draws people in, hits your target market, and makes them want to discover more. Your Style Guide and logo should be appealing to your customers and speak to them. Good brand design establishes credibility to your brand – a small business who invests in good brand design can stand out from the competition and compete with much bigger players, gaining credibility and a following. In the days of social media, this is even more important.

4. Ensures consistency

It is important that no matter who or how people interact with your brand, whether through social media, a newsletter, your website or your business card, that they have a consistent experience with your brand. Branding proves your identity with no room for confusion and maintains credibility. Good Branding design and having a Style Guide to work with, ensures that consistency. It also means no matter who works on your marketing, whether in house or agency, contractor or full-time employee, marketing rep or senior director, you are all on the same page to get that consistent treatment. It is worth noting that brands may also offer a certain amount of legal protection from the competition because of trademark law. A trademark can be any unique word, device, or symbol that distinguishes a company. Nike’s swoosh and Apple’s apple are both trademarked items. Companies can trademark their business name if they use it when advertising to customers.

5. Makes you recognisable

Think of brands like Coke, seeing the symbol, on a t-shirt, billboard, or point of sale, it is instantly recognizable. But that didn’t happen by accident, but through investment in brand design and promotion. They have subtly changed the logo over time, but we don’t notice that and immediately understand the brand and what it stands for. Good Brand Design will keep your brand fresh, timeless and recognizable no matter where they come across your brand. From your website to Facebook Ads to your GMB page.

6. Build’s customer loyalty

Customers see your brand as a personality and every interaction they have with it builds a picture in their mind of who you are. Those with a strong positive brand design, used consistently, will earn their customer’s loyalty and build “fans”. Fans means referrals and repeat business, it just makes sense.

The value and ROI of engaging in professional Branding and Logo Design Services will ultimately be extremely measurable. Branding helps businesses portray themselves visually in the marketplace and contribute to attracting the right type of consumer. This could be an absolute deal breaker in the success of your business if not executed beautifully. Professionals in Branding and Logo Design Services have the skills to bring these qualities to life.