Last Friday, two small planes with three people aboard collided and went down off the Southern Carolina coast. After three days of search, the remains of two victims and parts of one of the two planes involved in the crash were recovered. They were found 105 feet below the surface with the help of a sonar.

The image shows a still frame from a video provided by KABC-TV, when a group of boats were searching for the remains of a midair collision in the ocean off of Los Angeles. Credit: Yahoo News

According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, the wreckage and remains were located about 2 miles off the Port of Los Angeles. Investigators will try to identify the two bodies found and the search operation will continue on Monday.

One of the planes was a Beechcraft and the other one was a Super Decathlon, a plane that’s often used for acrobatics. It was discovered that one of the planes was carrying two men of ages 61 and 81, whose bodies have been found.

The other plane is believed to have been piloted by a 72-year-old woman who was expected to arrive at Torrance airport on Friday but never showed up, and whose body has not been found nor there was a sign of it on her plane.

The identities of the affected have not been released but the woman’s husband, Richard Falstrom, identified her as Mary Falstrom.

He said his wife was a longtime pilot and member of The Ninety-Nines, Inc., an international organization of women pilots. He said she volunteered at the Western Museum of Flight at Torrance Airport. He also said that she told him on Friday that she was going on a plane ride to enjoy the sunny weather.

Richard Falstrom believes his wife died doing something that gave her great joy.

“She loved flying. It was a passion,” he said.

Source: CNN