BMW revealed the X2 Concept at this year’s Paris Motor Show. It combines curved exteriors with a passion red color and expects to hit the market in mid-2018.

The BMW X2 is closely related to the X1. The three-door crossover will start manufacturing in the Regensburg plant, owned by the German carmaker. It can be viewed as a crossover between an SUV and a compact, which brings versatility and comfort to the table. The X2 was initially known as F49 and it is designed to be a faster and more aggressive take on the X1’s successful characteristics. 

BMW Concept X2
BMW revealed the X2 Concept at Paris Motor Show 2016. Image credit: BMW.

BMW X2: Specs, possible price

Compared to the X1, the BMW X2 features bolder and more robust looks, with a prominent frontal bumper including extensive air intakes and large chops. Although it can almost be classified as an SUV away from its compact label, the X2 features broad inner spaces optimized thanks to its coupe configuration.

The X2’s 2-liter twin turbo engine, in both diesel and gas variations, features four cylinders and is able to yield 228 units of horsepower. The X2 also has four-wheel drive eligibility, and 21-inch wheels, helping the driver feel in control of this gargantuan mid-sized vehicle.

BMW Concept X2
BMW Concept X2. Image credit: BMW.

“This is a sporty vehicle with a bold character, and it allows us to open up some fascinating new design possibilities for the BMW brand,” stated Karim Habib, director of BMW Design.

The trunk is just teeming with space, topped by a sports spoiler and exquisitely designed tail lamps. BMW chose to play with expectations and delivered a rear end that appears to be lacking its bumper. The X2’s twin exhaust pipes, paired with an “X2” label where its plate should be, give the vehicle a futuristic and powerful look.

Reportedly, a five-door model will be released, but more details about its interior design are yet to be revealed. In comparison, the X1 looks more like a classic SUV. Both the X1 and the X2 feature the same engine and are able to reach a top speed of 129 mph, reaching 60mph in 6.4 seconds.

BMW Concept X2
BMW Concept X2. Image credit: BMW.

The BMW X1 is one of the most popular luxury-level SUV crossovers. The X1 was specifically designed for American buyers, who yearned for crossover vehicles with large interiors. In 2015, BMW sold over 4 million units of the X1, and sales are expected to surpass the added number of compact and mid-size sedans sold in 2016.

The user interface of the earlier models allows drivers to hold calls, activate climate control, and enjoy GPS navigation. Although some reviewers perceive the X1 as particularly narrow, its seat height and head space are the compensating factors.

The X1 features a trunk-opening sensor that drivers or passengers can activate by placing their foot beneath the rear bumper. These features would be also added on the X2. The estimated list price for the X2 is expected to be over$30,000, as the X1 costs around $35,000.

Source: BMW Blog