When we’re talking about this idea of earning passive income, and if you’re not familiar with what passive income is – for most of us this means making money 24/7 when we’re sleeping when we’re awake at all times during the day or not, actively exchanging your time for your money and the question you often have to ask yourself is: what Shopify theme is that?

BEST Way To Make Money In 2020: Establish A Passive Income Revenue Stream

So most people out there are familiar with active income which is where you go to a 9 to 5 job or maybe you go rake somebody’s leaves and you make money derived from your immediate activity. While there’s nothing wrong with doing that, the big issue with active income is that you’re actively involved in that process and if you want to, say, go on vacation or go do something other than work… Well if all you make is active income, you’re not going to make any money when you’re not working (shopify product research)

Passive income, on the other hand, is a way for you to be making money 24/7, 365 days of the year, without involving your time actively day today and continuing to earn money. Now that being said, a lot of people do sell the pipe dream of passive income and they tell you that you can basically do nothing and sit on your butt at home and start making passive income and I’m going to tell you right now those people are straight-up lying to you because when it comes down to earning passive income, you have two choices: First choice: you have to invest your time. It’s going to involve some amount of time at first to actually put something together or to build something that will allow you to earn passive income. And if you don’t like that, then you have the second choice: To invest your money. You have to take your money put it into an asset or something out there that’s going to allow you to earn income in a relatively passive way through aliexpress product analysis.

When it comes down to earning passive income you either have to invest your time or you have to invest your money. This is not get rich quick scheme and there is no pipe dream secret out there of a method that doesn’t involve some amount of time or some amount of money to begin earning passive income, but I’m going to share with you guys a blend of both of these some of them require your time invested, some require your money invested.