Bernie Sanders, senator of Vermont and democratic presidential candidate, will air his first TV ad for his 2016 campaign.

“Bernie Sanders. Husband. Father. Grandfather. An honest leader — building a movement with you, to give us a future to believe in,” are the last words of the narrator.

The campaign ad offers a closer look at Sanders as a longtime fighter against injustice and his mission to take “on Wall Street and a corrupt political system”. Credit:

The 60-second spot will be aired by paying 2$ million dollars for airtime. The images start with Sanders biography, from his childhood in Brooklyn as a son of polish immigrants, going to public schools and later attending to the Martin Luther King’s march in 1963.

The narrator tells about Bernie’s career in Vermont, winning the elections and being called “one of America’s best mayors”, followed by his intentions to fight against “Wall Street and a corrupt political system”.

Central messages of his campaign, such as equal payment for women, college free tuition and a fair minimum wage are included in the spot, as it also remembers Sanders opposition against the Iraq conflict and his support to veterans.

Jeff Weaver, Sanders’ campaign manager, said, “Thousands of Americans have come out to see Bernie speak and we’ve seen a great response to his message. This ad marks the next phase of this campaign. We’re bringing that message directly to the voters of Iowa and New Hampshire,” according to USA Today.

What the numbers say

Recent surveys show that Sanders remains below Hillary Clinton, as she dominates a rather small group of candidates, specially after Joe Biden declared himself out of the presidential race.

According to a poll made by NBC News online, conducted by SurveyMonkey, Clinton took advantage as Jim Webb and Lincoln Chafee also retired from competition, reinforcing her lead up to 20 points —having 50 percent of support.

On the other hand, the self-denominated democratic socialist Bernie Sanders stays in the second place, showing 30 percent of approval, as he has a large support from young voters and from more than 1 million people donating money to his campaign.

Sanders said, “If we win Iowa and New Hampshire, it opens up for us a path toward victory,” last Friday in New Hampshire, according to the Washington Post. He is hoping that his “real change” message will be heard by voters and supporters.

Source: USA Today