The new Beats Studio 3 Wireless, with the “3” standing for the third generation, was launched on Monday and will be available at Apple in October for the amount of $350. The company uploaded the headphones to let the public hear and feel the experience finer and purer. Due to the Adaptive Noise Canceling, the new Beats will clean the sound coming connected-device, and block every other noise – leaving at the outside every other sound coming from the exterior.

The new Beats, which are already available to pre-order, are coming in “Shadow Gray,” “Porcelain Rose,” “Matte Black,” white, red, and blue – two of the gray designs will come as a limited edition. It will also upgrade the previous models by adding Apple’s W1 chip, blocking undesired noises, redesigned internals, and longer the battery life. Beats also said that the headphones are going to be more comfortable and soft, to let people use them every day at every hour. To ensure a longer-range connectivity, the Studio 3 Wireless headphones will also be integrated with a Class 1 Bluetooth.

Image credit: Cnet
Image credit: Cnet

Beats has announced that the battery of the headphones – when it’s connected to a W1-supported Apple product – will last for 22 hours when the noise cancellation is on. When it’s off, the amount of time is going to change, making them last around 40 hours in the audio-only “low power” mode. However, the user will have three more hours of usage if it charges the headphones for only 10 minutes – they will still use a micro USB connector.

This is the first major update to Beats headphones since Apple bought the company for $3 billion.

The Beats Studio 3 Wireless improved with the best Adaptive Noise Canceling

This is the best and most advanced noise cancellation the company has ever integrated within its previous headphones. The Beats Studio 3 Wireless algorithmically adjust the sound coming from them after they sample other external noise. They usually take five seconds to calibrate themselves so that the user can have an incredible experience. The Studio headphones also balance themselves after leakages due to hair, glasses, or other factors.

Despite the fact that the headphones will come with such an Adaptive Noise Canceling, it won’t completely work in public places full of loud noises, like restaurants or the subway. However, it will help the user a lot.

The Studio headphones external design hasn’t changed at all

However, the headphones, including their weight, will look pretty similar to their previous editions: the Studio2 headset released in 2013, and the original Studios distributed in 2008. It seems that the company is focusing more on the background of the Beats Studio 3 Wireless and not on their shapes.

The W1 Bluetooth chip integrated into the Beats – which was first introduced by Apple in its 2016 Air Pods – will also let people use both Apple and Beats Wireless headphones connected to any device running an iOS system or connected to iCloud.

Unlike Parrot’s Zik 3, the new Beats won’t have gesture control for volume and song skip, which is considered a fascinating advance within the headphones industry, as reported by Mashable.

Source: The Verge