A new character for Gearbox Software’s FPS Battleborn was announced this week. Its name is Pendles, a ‘cold-blooded killer’ from Akopos.

Pendles is available for those who have a Hero Key, and an item included with Battleborn’s Season Pass. Pendles is also able to be purchased from the in-game store for 47,500 credits.

Battleborn's features plenty of characters and a new gaming experience for fans to enjoy
All of these new characters were revealed just as Overwatch, one of Battleborn’s main competitors, reached its launch day. Image Credit: News Flow 24

Besides Alani, Pendles is the second character to be added to Battleborn’s roster for Season Pass holders. He sports stylish sneakers that match his roguish outfit.

All of these new characters were revealed just as Overwatch, one of Battleborn’s main competitors, reached its launch day. Battleborn reduced its price by $20 to catch onto a slew of customers just as they decide whether to go for Overwatch or Battleborn. Now it stands at $39.99 until Saturday at their official store.

Pendles and Alani

Pendles is best friends with Alani, and according to Gearbox Software, he can sneak behind enemies and use poison damage, to then disappear without a trace. Supposedly, its choice weapon is a set of katanas, but he appears on the official image holding a bone pickaxe rather than Japanese swords. He is the 27th hero to be announced, and his public release date is still to come. PS4 Beta, Season Pass, and Deluxe Pass owners are already able to use the reptilian killer.

The first out of five DLC characters to be announced for Battleborn was Alani, who will be available on May 31st on every gaming platform. Just like with Pendles, those who have a pass or participated in the PS4 beta will be able to use the character. Alani, unlike Pendles, is a healer. She uses water as her first attribute and as a tool to heal friendlies and harm foes. Alani is also able to control a mighty ice dragon and summon geysers to wreak havoc in the battlefield.

Releasing characters and cutting prices

It seems that Gearbox has come to realize that a $60 multiplayer-only game with just 12 maps is an inconvenience, as other popular and massively successful games such as Team Fortress 2 and League of Legends are Free-to-play. Now, with Overwatch available, Battleborn must compete against gaming-veteran Blizzard, responsible for another Free-to-play massive success Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft.

The official poster for the Battleborn's latest release features new characters and game modes
The official poster for the Battleborn’s latest release features not only new characters but also new abilities for the classic ones. Image Credit: Notey

Although Battleborn has a single-player campaign that can also be played in co-op mode, it is a game meant to be played with and against other people. The game was released about three weeks ago, so it needs to ramp up its primary base of players. Or else, other games such as Overwatch may claim those gamers still pondering which multiplayer FPS to dedicate themselves to invest their time.

Battleborn has been a success with gamers, as its in-game mechanics that include leveling up, gear upgrades along its beautiful comic-inspired graphics have attracted both new and veteran players to the FPS genre. Many compare the game to Borderlands, as it also possesses a humor-filled story mode, which rewards the player with unique weapons and achievements. Battleborn is currently available on PS4, Xbox One, and Windows.


Source: Hardcore Gamer