Madrid, Spain — In “El Clásico” match played between Real Madrid and Barcelona, probably the biggest showcase of sports talent, Barcelona beat its eternal rival, humiliating them scoring four beautiful goals.

An instrumental piano version of La Marsellesa was played at the Bernabeu Stadium as a sign of support to France and its people after the latest attacks, with the display of the French flag. Both squads, including substitutes and managers, posed in the middle of the field to honor the victims of France.

Photo: Daily Mail

Barcelona was always ahead of the game

The 90 minutes were controlled by Luis Enrique’s team, handling the ball and using it to attack the dubious Real Madrid squad . After several goal opportunities, Barça moved the ball, for a whole minute, from one side to another. Sergi Roberto evaded his rivals who filtrated a pass to Suárez, shooting the ball and scoring a goal against Navas, who failed to block it. It was a solid three-fingered definition.

The rhythm of Barcelona’s possession was only disrupted by Los Blancos fouls, a clear sign of frustration. Real Madrid couldn’t even counterattack as Barcelona’s defense remain solid. Modric and Kroos lost the ball too easily, as they tried to respond to Barcelona’s attacks with long passes, most of them easily handled by Piqué.

After another ball lost by Modric, Iniesta received the ball, he then looked at Neymar who received the ball, shooting with his left foot, passing the ball under Navas’ arm. The outcome of the first half could have been worse, as Neymar and Suarez evaded with joy Madrid’s defense and Marcelo turned away the ball in the goal line with his head. The sensation was that Barcelona did what they wanted to against a defeated Real Madrid.

The first half for Barcelona remembered the best time from the Guardiola’s team back in 2009, against a Real Madrid that wanted, but couldn’t do anything to counteract the high-class football played by Iniesta and his friends.

Benítez team looked slow, imprecise, and without patience to effectively reach Bravo’s area. Real Madrid fans showed white hankies in response to the lousy game of their team, an image that represents the first half for Real Madrid.

The second half started with Marcelo, James, and Bale as protagonists, as Real Madrid appealed to their pride to try to reverse the result. Navas blocked a free-kick from Neymar with the tip of his fingers. Shortly after, a marvelous play full of luxury, Iniesta scored the third goal putting the ball in the top right angle of Navas’ goal. Real Madrid was lying on the floor.

Barcelona played the perfect match, with all his player at a superb level, from Bravo, to Busquets, Iniesta, Neymar and even Messi, as Barça fans only missed the goal from their best player. On the other hand, Isco leaved the match earlier due to a red card that reflected the resignation of Benítez team.

Real Madrid fans claimed for the resignation of Florentino Pérez, Real Madrid’s president, as they started to flee the stadium fifteen minutes before the match ended. In a sign of respect and love for football, the whole Santiago Bernabeu applauded Iniesta, the hero of the World Cup won by Spain in 2010.

The heated preview

The Santiago Bernabeu stadium was surrounded with maximum security –more than 2,500 security effectives, between police and private guards– after the latests terrorists threats in Europe, with the Paris attacks perpetrated last week.

With the recent precedents of the attack on the Stade De France, and the match suspension at Hannover, Germany, the match was covered with – more – special attention this opportunity.

The biggest football rivalry in the football world was covered by a veil of uncertainty for several reasons: the possible return of Messi, Cristiano with his latest under performances, the lack of trust on Benítez – Real Madrid’s manager – and the several terrorists alarms set all across Europe.

It was known, moments before the match, that Messi wouldn’t play from the beginning, as he recovered in the last few days from a knee injury that kept him out of the fields since September. Nevertheless, manager Luis Enrique trusted Luis Suárez and Neymar for his attack against Real Madrid’s defense.

On the other side, Benítez had all his players available, after the injuries of Carvajal, James, Bale and Benzema – who’s is also going through a penal process, the “Valbuena” case.

A victory of sports

However, the beauty of football and sports triumphed in the Bernabeu, forgetting for 90 minutes the dangers and threats of terrorism. Real Madrid fans were filled with anger and disappointment towards their team, that lacked energy and talent to try to save a match that appeared to be lost since the very beginning.

Now, Barcelona stands in the top of ‘La Liga’ table, with a six-point advantage over Real Madrid.