Amsterdam – AVG Technologies (NYSE:AVG) recently updated their Privacy Policy. The online security company is now able to sell your non-identifying data, such as your device’s brand, the applications you use, and many others in order to make money from their free consumer products. Gary Kovacs, AVG’s CEO announced earlier this week at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2015 keynote speech.

Mr. Kovacs stated at the MWC that the new Privacy Policy was easy to understand and he even dare the security industry to do the same with their customers so they can be aware of their information management. The option was added to some of the company’s free services, and they assured that unless customers agree, their personal information will not pass to third parties.

Credit: umassmed

“Without privacy online, there can be no security; and without security, there can be no trust. At AVG, we value our customers and believe they should know exactly how their information is being used by us. Therefore, we have updated our Privacy Policy to make it simpler, clearer and more transparent – representing only part of continual evolution to improve AVG user choice and control.” Said Harvey Anderson, Chief Legal Officer at AVG Technologies.

How AVG handles my information?

AVG released a One-Page Privacy Policy article where they explained in detail how their 200 million monthly active users’ information has been used. Also, they made clear that taking advantage of the non-identifying data will help them make money from their free services and that their users’ personal information will not be at risk

For instance, the company explained why the users’ non-personal information was important to sell: “knowing that 10 million users like a certain TV program, gives broadcasters the data to get producers to make more of that type of program. This is also how taxi firms know how to distribute their fleets; and how advertisers know where to place banners and billboard, for example. Even at AVG, we have published non personal information that we have collected regarding App performance”

Therefore, AVG explicitly said that they do not, and will not sell personally identifiable data to anyone, including advertisers, unless the company has the user’s approval and only in certain circumstances such as when the company is authorized by law or when its necessary to comply with a valid legal process.

Moreover, the new Privacy Policy will be operating in October 15th. The company wanted to released their new adjustments just a month before it becomes effective in order to give their users time to provide any feedback and concerns they might have. Also, they wanted to give their customers the ability to choose whether or not to get involved in AVG’s anonymize data collection program.

“We are proud of our new privacy policy and intend to continue our drive for more transparency and greater user choice.” the company stated in their website.

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