The 18-year old star, Ariel Winter has been under the public eye for her risqué posts on Instagram over the last months. The Modern Family star doesn’t seem to care about critics ensuring she’s just having fun.

Ariel Winter has grown under the public eye just like many kid and teen stars like Kylie Jenner. The 18-year-old started as another child in the cast of Modern Family and slowly showed the world her body confidence. Over the past year, the star has been praised by body shammers who criticize the star’s figure and pictures on her Instagram account.

Ariel Winter posing at the SAG Awards' red carpet. Image Credit: LA Times
Ariel Winter at the SAG Awards’ red carpet. Image Credit: LA Times

Winter has over 2.3 million followers on the social media and has proved she doesn’t care about haters. Recently, the star was interviewed by Entertainment Weekly on the red carpet of Variety’s Power of Young Hollywood in Los Angeles California. The star told the gossip site the’s just having fun with her Instagram account while enjoying life.

Confident body image 

Comments on Ariel Winter are divided into two groups, the one’s who criticize her for “showing too much” in the social media and the one’s that claim the teenager is a positive image for curvy and healthy girls. Critics have said on several occasions the star is posting risqué pictures to gain more attention and followers, but the star had something else to say.

“I’m not telling myself you should post this or that, I feel lime I’m just having fun,” said Winter to ET’S Katie Krause.

In the most recent case, Winter posted a picture wearing high stripped heals in a short black dress as she smiled for the camera. Her Instagram account received over 122 million likes and thousands of comments regarding the star’s outfit.

#tbt to a great weekend at @miraval_resort ❤️ #spa #trip

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“Everybody is so hyped up on the fact that I post photos where my butt’s out. It’s a butt, and everyone has one. I don’t think it’s crazy” said Winter on the red carpet, as she ensured she was just living her life.

The star’s short-shorts and crop tops had been criticized in the last months, especially when she wore high duke denim shorts and an olive green top that showed the star’s cleavage. A few months back, the star addressed haters on her Twitter account after she posted a picture of her graduation party dressed in a skin-tight nude dress with an under-boob cut.

Winter assured she looked “hot in that dress” after body shammers filled her Instagram account. The star’s body confidence hasn’t always been present, and as she states it has “been a long way” especially by growing up under the public eye, she didn’t felt confident showing off her curves.

Winter ensures one of the main reasons she is so confident right now is because of co-star and bombshell Sofia Vergara, who has been an inspiration and a supportive friend when it comes to the star’s curves.

Ariel told Entertainment Weekly that working with a beautiful curvy woman that everyone looks up to, had a great impact on her self-love, confidence and inspiration as she stated the most important thing was accepting herself.

Source: ET Online