One of the refinements Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) presented this year at the I/O conference was dedicated to communication apps.

It is not a secret that messaging apps have had a great success among consumers. Such is the case of Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger or China’s WeChat. Nonetheless, Google has not gained so much terrain in this area. This is why the company introduced its latest communication apps, Allo.

The latest Allo app is a messaging platform that lets users go through different phone’s functions without leaving apart the chat. Moreover, it counts with integrated virtual assistant and conversations will become easier and affection will be transmitted by words alongside emoji-stickers options.

Users of Android Wear 2.0 will not longer match constantly their smartwatches to phones, also, Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity is now supported by the smartwatch.

Erik Kay introduces Allo and Duo during the Google I/O 2016 developers conference. Image Credit: Venture Beat

A bold move from Google to release Android Instant Apps

Android Instant Apps is an ambitious strategy that Google has been working on, since last-apps stores have been created. Now, the idea has become concrete. This app will run without requiring previous installation on the device. Instant Apps will allow user to find and use an Android App by taping the URL address. It furnishes a quicker experience with Android apps and there is no limitation if it is not installed on the phone.

Furthermore, for those who use phones while driving, Google presented an improvement for Android Auto. Now, users won’t have to count with an Android Auto compatible vehicle or aftermarket radio installed into the dashboard in order to use the app. Android Auto employs voice commands, integrated wheel’s controllers and displays phone’s information throughout cards. For the purpose of avoiding distractions while being behind the wheel.

Annual software-developer conference, Google I/O presented company’s improvements regarding web, mobile and apps. The conference took place in California; developers and press witnessed Google’s latest innovations, which were more related to improvements  than new products. Even though, there were new features that finally got to their execution.

The first Google I/O conference was in 2008. It was created with the objective of presenting Google’s innovations regarding web, mobile and apps. The annual developer-technological conference is held in San Francisco, California. Notably, the acronyms of its name, I/O, has two meanings. On one hand, I/O stands for input/output, which could be associated with the replacement of old technologies by the new ones. In addition, this could also mean I/O stands for ‘Innovation in the open’.

Each year, Google tries to amaze its audience as with its show as with the innovations launched and Google I/O 2016 was not an exception. During the three-days conference, the company used amazing structures, scenarios and creative showcases to exhibit its new products. But beyond that, it was with the purpose of establishing a closer connection with users. As part of public’s entertainment, Google had as guests Charli XCX and Kygo , bands who gave a great performance for press and developers.

Regarding innovations, they were thought keeping in mind user’s practicability. New technologies were, of course, on the agenda, but most of them were about diminishing the breach between users and technological content. Such is the case of the upcoming Android N update, Google’s next phone and tablet operating system update, which will be launched this summer and users does not have to pay for it. Even if it is Google’s latest version of mobile’s operating system, it brings more improvements than new features.

Google I/O Conference held on Wednesday, where Allo was introduced
Google engineering director Erik Kay talks about the new Allo messaging app and Duo during the keynote address of the Google I/O conference. Image Credit: Telegraph


VR technology from the hands of the search engine giant 

Google announced an immersive Virtual Reality (VR) experience with Daydream.

One of the most exciting Google I/O’s display case was the one containing VR project. It is about a high-quality virtual reality app for mobile. Which could be used with Android headsets and a standard controller. Prices were not unveiled during Google I/O, but details about the handsets are expected to be revealed next fall. All of this while headset’s prices or design remains in secret. Google Cardboard, a low-cost VR headset presented in 2014, is the previous version of VR headsets launched by the company.

Daydream counts with TV network HBO, sports organisation NBA and video game group Ubisoft as partners for its development.

It seems that LG and Samsung have been asked to presents their VR headsets for Android devices. With the aim of inspiring Daydream’s headsets on their models. Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, concluded the conference by discussing about company’s advance regarding artificial intelligence. AlphaGo Victory is a program that aims to introduce the company in future technologies.

All improvements and new features introduced by Google are translated into greater functionality and practicality for technological communities.

Source: Google Events