As Halloween gets closer, both Android and iOS offer many apps to make this celebration even funnier (and scarier). Some of these apps can give you the scary look you are looking for without spending a dime, as a ton of games that will get you into the Halloween mood.

Both Android and iOS offer many options to make your Halloween scarier. Credit:

Not-so-cute selfies

The Turned app lets you choose between being a zombie or a survivor in a survival drama with lots of special effects and interactive social media. After analyzing the map showing you the contaminating spree around the world, you can pick a side.

The app takes a photo of you and analyzes it, turning you into a zombie as your expressions move along with the scary features and effects —bleeding eyes and lips, for example. You can share your look on your social media or even post it in the public gallery in real-time. It is available for free on iOS.

Camera Hoax lets you pick a photo from a gallery of ghosts, UFO’s, and characters like Big Foot, and place them as a sticker in a picture you take with your phone. It lets you modify the size, edit the colors and all kinds of effects to make the “scary-photobomb prank” realistic —such as making them transparent. It is free for iOS and also lets you share it via social media.

The digital afterlife

The game Skullduggery lets you control of skull, representing the Internal Revenue Service of the Dead, recollecting the assets that have been taken to the “other life” without permissions. The skull bounces around, avoiding obstacles, as you collect the objects. The app, developed by ClutchPlay games, costs $3 on iOS and it is free for Android users.

Grim Fandango, one of the most successful games, fits perfectly in this time of the year. Sliding people into a world of skeletons in the afterlife, the adventure places you with Manny Calavera, a travel agent for lost souls. By interacting with other characters, examining and collecting objects that help you to solve the game’s puzzles, you will help Manny Calavera to save Mercedes Colomar, his lover. With beautiful 3D graphics and a nice soundtrack, this game is a good choice. It costs $4.99 for iOS, and $9.99 for Android.

Clearing your house this Halloween

Do you want to see your ghost soul stepping out of your body? Ghost Lens merges two photos of you, converting the second one in your ethereal spirit. It is free for iOs. But if you want to take the game to another level, by looking for “real ghosts”, the app Ghost Observer turns your camera into a radar looking for specters. Using your location, follow the blinking light on the radar to catch a ghost in the screen of your smartphone. It is available for free on iOS and Android.

Source: The New York Times