Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) will be held on June 05 in San Jose, California, where thousands of developers will meet to disclose what Apple is going to bring next. The event will start at 10 a.m.

A lot of expectations and rumors have been created due to this important event and what it can lead to for the future of the company. Some think Apple is about to announce important updates for its devices. The so-called WWDC usually centers in software; however, many believe Apple might bring new gadgets.

Image credit: Poder PDA
Image credit: Poder PDA

What the WWDC 2017 is all about

The entire tech world will be focused on the next Apple’s WWDC. Rumor has it that, this time, the event will be focused more on hardware and will update essential items. 

There for sure will be software updates for iMac, Apple Watch, Apple TV and iPhone this year. Reports suggest that there will also be updates regarding the user interface and a new version of Apple Music. As well, some reports that Apple Pencil Integration will be updated on the iPad.

Apple is also working on new camera features for the popular iPhone centering in augmented reality. Users might be able to change the depth of a photo even after it was taken. These features might debut in the iOS 11.

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Nothing is sure about the future of the Apple Watch; however, Apple recently bought the Company Beddit – that makes sleep tracking devices – so maybe this has something to do with the next updates of the Apple Watch.

Siri is taking over the living room

Just like Amazon and Google did, Apple is also trying to incorporate its smart assistance speaker in people’s living rooms. This is something Apple has been said to be working really quietly on. 

Apple might include virtual surrounding sound technology in the speaker so Siri can be distinguished from Google Home and Amazon Echo. Apple will be focused on things like the speaker’s quality. Therefore, Siri will have a lot of updates, something that was pending from other years’ WWDCs. However, if this is true, the Siri Virtual Assistant won’t be in the stores this year.

Image credit: iPhone Hacks
Image credit: iPhone Hacks

New models might be announced

It would be wise to wait until Apple published the outcomes of the conference of June 5 to acquire a new Apple device. There are probably three types of Macbook to come: The company is expected to introduce a MacBook Pro with Intel’s Kaby Lake generation processor, as well as an upgraded version of the 12-inch MacBook with a faster inter-chip, and a MacBook Air which is a model that has been somehow forgotten by Apple in the last years.

This gives customers more options at different prices.

Apple’s iPad, on the other hand, already comes in three sizes, but reports say that a fourth one is coming next week. The new one would be a 10.5-inch iPad, and it will possibly have slimmer bezels for a larger screen. A month ago, the iPad released the 9.7-inch model.

An 82-year old developer will be in the meeting

Masako Wakamiya is the oldest person to attend to the WWDC next June 5. She is an 82-year-old retired banker who says that there are not mobile games for the elderly. Wakamiya says that the elderly have a harder time keeping up with the games that are popular among the young people. Therefore, she took online classes to learn how to write software code.

“I didn’t see any apps for the elderly, so I decided to create my own,” Wakamiya

The first time she used a computer was when she was 60. Now she is the creator of a game that was released in March. It is based on the Japanese doll festival, Hinamatsuri, which celebrates the well-being of girls. The game is really slow, and so is its narrator.

On the other hand, the youngest attendee for the Apple’s WWDC this year is Yuma Soerianto, a 10-year-old Australian boy. He is from Melbourne, and he said he started programmed when he was just six. He also learned with online tutorials on, and from an app he found on Apple iTunes U that gives free courses from the Stanford University. He already has created four apps that are found in the Apple’s App Store, including Weather Duck, a weather app for kids.

Both of them are attending to the WWDC 2017 as part of an apple scholarship program that gives free tickets to developers around the world whose apps are on Apple. As well, it is a new attempt of Apple to add some diversity at the WWDC. Several elementary, middle and high school students are attending the event. Nonetheless, Apple hasn’t published how many people will assist. 

Source: TIME