As Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL) is struggling with hardware sales, the Cupertino tech firm seems to be trying to improve its software services. Apple Music is reportedly getting a more intuitive interface and a new image, according to a report by Bloomberg. The company is expected to announce the changes at its Worldwide Developer’s Conference in June and tech blog 9 to 5 Mac reported the updates will be coming with iOS 10.

A Mashable article reads there are rumors that Apple Music includes an improved integration between streaming and downloading songs, as well as a wider online radio footprint.

Reportedly, Apple Music is getting a more intuitive interface and a new image. Credit: iMore

Apple Music’s new interface promises to be easy to use and will also come with some visual changes and an integration of 3D Touch shortcuts, Mashable reported. Another new feature could be a built-in song lyric integration.

Mark Gurman of 9 to 5 Mac, noted that users will see a much simpler design which remarks black and white backgrounds and text.

“For instance, the user interface in the albums view will no longer change in appearance based on the color of a particular album’s art,” he wrote.

He also said the “New” tab will disappear from the app. Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor and content head Robert Kondrk are reportedly tasked with supervising these changes, Bloomberg said. Design Chief Jony Ive’s team, Beats executive Jimmy Iovine and Eddy Cue are thought to be behind input. Cue is senior vice president in charge of online services.

Tough competition

It will be interesting to see how users welcome Apple Music’s new image and features given the increasing popularity of Spotify, since its paid user base swelled past 20 million in June 2015. Meanwhile, Apple Music’s latest number was 11 million about three months ago.

Apple Music came out after Apple bought Beats Music in 2014. The Cupertino firm diverted resources from iTunes, which was considered as a service in decline at the moment, to put its efforts on Apple Music instead of trying to integrate the two services or improve iTunes. However, the store has kept strong as it pulls billions in revenue every quarter, according to a report by MacWorld.

Source: Mashable