Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) announced the unveiling of a new Twitter account named @AppleSupport. The account went live on Thursday morning and is set to help customers in real time as its focused as a part of Apple’s customer support.

Tutorials about basic tools and features have already been posted under @AppleSupport. Creating a twitter account may prove to be useful as a way for customers to reach the tech company in order to resolve any problem presented to them. Twitter users can now follow Apple on its social media account to learn more about the company’s products and services, including tips, tricks and tutorials to resolve common problems.

Photo: MacRumours
Photo: MacRumours

Although Apple is not the first tech company to turn to Twitter as a way to get in touch with customers, as many other companies have taken advantage of the app’s way of fielding questions in real time. It’s important for Twitter users to follow the new account assigned to Apple because of the latest update in twitter letting people send direct messages exceeding 140 characters to companies, including links and screenshots.

Better late than never

Amazingly enough, the new account @AppleSupport reached 35,000 followers in a range of only three hours since it went live at 8 a.m. on Thursday. The first tip tweeted by the account was a how-to tutorial for the Notes app on the iOS, showing how to turn standard lists into active check lists.

“We’re here to provide tips, tricks, and helpful information when you need it most, and if you have a question, well – we’re here to help with that too,” the @AppleSupport Twitter blog reads.

There’s no telling on why the tech giant company Apple waited so long to take Twitter accounts as a trustworthy ally in order to reach out to the Apple community, yet people don’t seem to care as the account is already filled with questions from users around the world.

Source: Tech Crunch