The City of London faced a restless night after a man stabbed to death an American woman in a crowded street and injured five others. Police forces were able to detain the perpetrator, thanks to a massive deployment of forces.

Europe is currently facing a big crisis due to terrorist attacks; that’s why the City of London has large police forces deployed in the streets. On Wednesday night, a 19-year-old man assaulted an American woman and five others on London’s Russel Square. According to initial reports, the perpetrator is a Norweigan man, with Somali origins, that moved to London in 2002 when he was just five years old.  Police forces arrived quickly at the scene and used a stun gun to detain the suspect.

Knife attack 2
Police forces received numerous call as soon as the assault began and answered quickly, by sending officers to the location. Image credit: Frank Augstein/Associated Press).

According to the Metropolitan Police Assistant Commissioner, Mark Rowley, the attack seems to be caused by mental-health issues, rather than terrorism. Murder and Terrorism squads interviewed the suspect’s family and checked his house.

“So far, we have found no evidence of radicalization or anything that would suggest the man in our custody was motivated by terrorism,” Assistant Commissioner Rowley, said.

Spontaneous attack

Around 10:30 p.m, the man in charge appeared at London’s Russel Square, the same location that lived a terrorist attack in July 2005. Witnesses claim the suspect started attacking and grabbing victims spontaneously.

When police forces arrived at the square, they tracked down the perpetrator and encouraged him to put down his sharp weapon. Officers proceeded to submit the suspect with a stun gun and took him into custody.

Knife attack
Witnesses claim the suspect started attacking and grabbing victims spontaneously. Image credit: REX/Shutterstock.

“Our thoughts are with the victims and the families of those killed or injured in last night’s attack in London,” informed Mark Toner, the State Department Deputy Spokesman.

Officers later confirmed the deceased woman was a 60-year old, American citizen. The assault left five injured victims, none of them presented life-threatening injuries. However, some remained hospitalized to monitor their health.

London is known for keeping a gun-free policy among police officers, which has reduced firearm crimes and has helped the city’s high gun policy. That’s why police officers are encouraged to use the minimum amount of violence possible.

Despite the reduction of firearm crimes, the city has seen an increase in knife attacks and killings. Reports inform knives are the most common weapon in London.

The government has said that as of March 2015, there had been 186 knife killings, and two of them had been in the hands of terrorists and radicals.

The Russel’s Square knife attack came a week after the streets of the city were packed with officers and troops, to prevent possible terrorist attacks.

Source: Fox News