On Wednesday, the company giant Amazon unveiled the launch of its two new devices, including the Amazon Tap, and Echo Dot.

The newly introduced devices are designed to expand its Amazon Echo smart speaker functionality. The smart speaker from Amazon works with a voice-controlled assistant called Alexa, Amazon’s cloud-based voice inside its cylindrical Echo speaker.

David Limp, Amazon's devices executive, shows off the expanded line of Alexa products. Credit: James Martin/CNET
David Limp, Amazon’s devices executive, shows off the expanded line of Alexa products. Credit: James Martin/CNET

The two new products offered by Amazon, the Amazon Tap and Echo Dot, could be considered accessible as both costs less than the $180 Eco. The new device unveiled on Wednesday is rather a smaller copy from the original Echo model considering that it has most of the original smart speaker’s functions. There’s no doubt on the company’s purpose to keep expanding its internet-connected microphones by offering spin-offs of the original product.

However, the importance for users to differentiate between the two devices is crucial for Amazon’s sales regarding the Echo Dot and the Amazon Tap. The original Echo comes with full-sized speakers, yet it can’t hook up with custom audio setups while the Dot can, through either a line out jack or via Bluetooth. These small differences demonstrate how current Amazon customers, as well as the majority of customers worldwide, prefer a customizable product before a standard product.

“Echo Dot is a hands-free, voice controlled device that uses the same far-field voice recognition as Echo,” said Amazon in a statement. “Directly connect Echo Dot to speakers with an audio cable or via Bluetooth, and add voice-control to your home stereo system.”

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On the other hand, the Amazon Tap is nothing more than a portable version of the Echo, with the noticeable change of a slim design. The key difference between the two newly revealed devices is that the Tap doesn’t need to be plugged in, making it a carry-on device easy for users to bear and store.

Just as with the previous smart speakers from the company giant Amazon, the Tap can be controlled by the users when talking to Alexa. The Amazon Tap also allows users to stream music, read headlines and control the users’ connected home. In addition, the small built-in speaker allows users to place Echo Dot in the bedroom and using it as a smart alarm clock, added Amazon.

It’s worth for Amazon users to know that Echo Dot is not being sold through the company’s website. Instead, Amazon newly launched devices will be available exclusively for Amazon Primer members, given that the users already own an Amazon Echo or a Fire TV device.

Source: Android Central