Amazon just joined Goodwill Industries to recycle the company’s boxes from this season and fill them with clothing and household goods and send them to people that are in need.

Amazon boxes and boxes from other companies can be shipped for free now that the giant tech joined the Give Back Box project. To donate, people just have to follow three simple steps, and they will be helping a good cause thanks to Goodwill’s initiative.

Amazon joins Goodwill’s Give Back Box project. Photo credit: The Ground Up Project
Amazon joins Goodwill’s Give Back Box project. Photo credit: The Ground Up Project

Three easy steps to donate and recycle at the same time

People are encouraged to use the boxes that contained their Christmas presents and a prepaid shipping label to send their donations to a local Goodwill for free by UPS and the U.S. Postal Service.

The boxes can be filled with clothing and household goods such as old toys, silverware, pots, and pans. The initiative encourages people to give generously and stuff the boxes fully since there is no weight limit. Things that are not allowed in the boxes are liquids, fragile items, hazardous or volatile items or ammunition. Electronic are not authorized either.

The prepaid label will come in Amazon boxes. If using a box from another company, people can print it on Users can also get a prepaid label at the post office or any UPS stores. If it is troublesome to take the box or boxes to a delivery center, the USPS can pick them up via an online order.

People donating to Give Back Box can get a receipt for their charitable donations. Once users have created an account on the initiative’s website, they can make a list of all of the items they are sending in each box. Goodwill then will send a notification that the items were received and processed by the organization and the receipt will be immediately available online.

Other companies helping the Give Back Box cause are Asics, Newegg, Bon Ton, Levi’s Dockers, Overstock and many others.

Give Back Book is a reality thanks to Monika Wiela

Back in 2012, Monika Wiela saw a homeless man begging for shoes. She wanted to help the man, so she went for shoes and came back to the spot she saw him, but for her disappointed, the man had left.

The event marked Wiela and the next morning she woke up with the idea to help millions recycling boxes and items people no longer use.

Give Back Box mission is to provide a convenient method of donating used household articles and other material objects. The initiative allows people to be part of a good cause in a simple and easy way. It also gives boxes a second life by recycling them and keeping them out of landfills to help improve the environment. People can support the sustainable solution for free since they do not pay for the shipping.

The Give Back Box is a project linked to Goodwill Industries, an organization that seeks to enhance the dignity and equality of life of people by helping them reach their full potential. They provide education, skill training and the power of work to help individuals and families to succeed. People can also donate directly to Goodwill through their website.

Source: Give Back Box