The online retailer is offering great discounts for its Prime Day. Users that own an Amazon Echo are getting discounts on selected items. The retailer has promised more product options in the upcoming days.

Normally on Prime Day, the website offers discounts in the vast majority of its items, so if you own an Amazon Echo, then you might be getting a greater discount on selected items.

Amazon Echo
Amazon Echo now allows users to buy products at the e-commerce by using voice commands. Credit: Business Wire

The website announced some Alexa-voice-command discounts on Thursday, which will be available until July 12th. From a Cuisinart Griddler to a $15 drone, Amazon is hoping to encourage users to voice-shop with its Amazon Echo device.

Other selected items include a Cuisinart GR-4NR 5-in-1 Griddler in a silver color with red dials. The Amazon Tap Bluetooth speaker is down from $129,00 to $69,00, and more items will be available on July 12th including a video game deal and an Amazon device deal.

Just by saying “Alexa order” the Echo device will make the purchase for the user, announcing the total price with discount included. The user will only need to say “yes” to confirm an order.

With the initiative, the company hopes to encourage users to hands-free shopping, not only for Prime Day, but for regular day purchases such as paper towels or any other item.

What does Amazon Echo do?

Amazon has had a lot of success with the Echo device since it lets users command it to do ordinary actions by just speaking. The device’s personal assistant is called Alexa.

Similar to voice assistants like Apple’s Siri or Google’s, OK Google, Amazon brought the initiative to the user’s home. The Bluetooth speaker is a rounded black device that fills the room with 360 degrees of immersive sound.

The Alexa voice service is able to play music and provide different kind of information, such as the weather stats, recent news, scores, sports, nearby restaurants, reviews, etc. The device also places Amazon orders and serves as a timer and alarm.

The Amazon Echo also works as a hands-free voice control to play music from Spotify, Amazon music, TuneIn, Pandora, iHeartRadio and Prime music. The owner can ask Alexa to turn up the music or play its favorite artist.

To activate the device, the user will only need to call for Alexa. The device will then light up tp hold a simple conversation with its owner.

Source: Amazon