Google Maps has added a long-awaited feature for users to amusingly tag their favorite locations, such as their home, and all recorded destinations by including several themed icons going from a boot-house to a dragon. The newly released update to the Google Maps service will allow users to customize their favorite locations with a variety of new themed icons. The company announced the release of its new feature on the official Google Maps blog on Friday.

Considering that there were only stars and dots to identify a certain location on the map up until now, the launching of new icons will surely bring a smile to its users. The tech company giant now provides users who want their app to be customized according to his or her preferences, a playful way to identify their home, office building and whatever location they decide to tag.

With the new update of Google Maps, users can add colorful and fun icons to their favorite locations. Credit: Android Central

Additionally to bringing more color and fun into the Maps service, Google plans to expand the users visited locations as it can tag sites from a friend’s crib, to a fancy restaurant. This will surely serve useful for people who frequently use the Maps service as it will not only help them expand the range of locations saved but can also lead Google to further improve their service.

It seems as the new feature could have been done a long time ago, yet the reason for its delay remains uncertain. Previously for Google Maps users, tagging many different locations presented a puzzled view of the map, especially when the sites were closed to each other.

The newly available icons include up to 24 options for the user to choose from, including all sorts of wacky images such as a pirate ship and a yellow submarine. It also provides a range of normal icons including a couch to tag the user’s house or a range of buildings to choose from.

Better performance is key

The new update for Google Maps is the latest feature added to the company’s mapping instruction service as well as a line-up of added features to improve the service’s performance. The tech company giant has yet to improve the Google Maps application itself due to reports from users stating there are still bugs that need to be fixed.

Nevertheless, Google Maps now offers updated information on traffic and public transportation for its users. And considering the service provided by the tech giant company has gained a massive popularity over the years, plenty of users can now schedule their meeting and daily activities with ease, playfully and with real-time updates.

Google continues to provide people with a better connection to information, which is the company’s mission statement in paraphrased words. Although Android users can update the Google Maps service immediately and start using the new themed icons such as an igloo or a tree house, people using iOS devices will have to wait until its released for Apple products.

Source: Android Authority