An Indian 8-month old baby girl has become a medical mystery as doctors can not explain her condition. She was born with a healthy weight, but over the course of her first eight months of life, she has developed morbid obesity.

According to her family, she started to get an incredible size and weight from the time she turned four months old. Right now, the baby, called Chahat Kumar from Punjab, India, has developed the burden of a healthy 4-year-old child. Her family has stated that she was born under normal conditions and without any significant complications. Now, the baby weighs 38lbs (or 18kg).

The baby’s 23-year-old dad, Suraj Kumar, has said to Barcroft Media that Chahat was born normal and had normal weight until the late third month. From that moment, Kumar said, she started gaining weight “day after day” as both he and the mother Reena Kumar are worried about their child’s insatiable hunger.

Morbidly obese baby girl born in India
With only eight months old, this Indian baby girl already weighs over 38 Lbs. Image Source: Mirror

They do not know for sure what is causing that irremediable hunger and are becoming concerned about the baby’s health and what this could mean for her future.

Chahat is a complicated case in many ways

Not only the fact Chahat has gained incredible weight without an apparent reason, but other complications make the analysis of this particular instance severe for doctors. The baby suffers from a condition called abnormal hard skin or “scleroderma.” This condition is part of systemic sclerosis that makes the skin abnormally harder, and it’s thought to be a genetic disease.

This particular situation is a trouble for doctors at the moment of taking blood samples, which is necessary to understand what is happening to Chahat’s system and organism. The mother of the baby told The Sun that he is anxious about her daughter’s health, especially after she lost another baby before the birth of Chahat. She also said that Chahat is consuming the amount of food to feed about four other kids of her age.

“She doesn’t eat like a normal kid. She keeps eating all the time. If we don’t give her anything to eat, she starts crying. She cries to go out but her weight is too much, and we are not able to pick her up. So we only take her to nearby places,” 21-year-old Reena Kumar told The Sun this Thursday.

The parents of the baby have told press agencies that they are not responsible for what is happening to their daughter and that its condition it’s not caused by how she has raised. The father has stated that this is clearly a situation God gave her, as he admitted that he feels awful every time someone makes fun of her because of her size.

Thanks to the excessive weight the baby has right now, she is having a lot of problems during sleeping and even breathing. The family is aware that they should travel outside India to get better medical assistance, but they lack the funds to do that anytime soon.

Source: The Sun