Gianessa Wride, a Utah girl with alopecia just won the “Crazy Hair Day” contest in her school. Tough the 7-year-old girl has lost all her hair, Gianessa decided to participate with a creative and beautiful jeweled head.

Gianessa’s mother, Daniella Wride, was very concerned about the pressure that would be on her daughter for not being able to participate in the Crazy Hair day, celebrated on March 28 in Gianessa’s school. However, Daniella wanted to do something fun for her daughter, so she didn’t feel left out. Therefore, she used a pack of jeweled scrapbooking stickers to decorate her daughter’s head with a beautiful design.

Daniella Wride
“Some people have blonde hair or black hair; some have curly hair, straight hair, short hair, long hair. She just doesn’t have any hair. And she is still fabulous!” said Daniella Wride. Image credit: Daniella Wride.

Gianessa lost all her hair in 20 days

On January 1, Daniella Wride, from Salem (Utah) watched with horror how, while brushing her little daughter’s hair, a quarter of the hair was falling. She said that they didn’t know how to tell Gianessa what was going on because they didn’t want to scare her. Daniella said that by the time they were able to go to the dermatologist, about a month later, Gianessa didn’t have hair on her head or eyebrows.

Daniella Wride
The dermatologist said that Gianessa’s hair would never grow back because of alopecia, which is an autoimmune disease that causes hair to fall out. At first, Gianessa didn’t understand why that was happening to her, and why she lost all of her hair in 20 days. Image credit: Daniella Wride.

“Like any 7-year-old, I think, she expected that it would just grow back because everybody has hair,” her mom said.

Currently, there is no cure for alopecia nor an approved drug for treatment. The condition is primarily genetic, according to scientists. However, stress may precipitate the development of alopecia areata by activating overexpressed type 2 beta [corticotropin-releasing hormone] receptors around the hair follicles. Daniella is afraid that her daughter’s disease might be caused by stress because she saw her grandmother passing away and she had to face two family moves around the country.

Gianessa is vibrant and full of life

Daniella decided to go to Walmart to get some stickers. Then, she put shiny stickers on her daughter’s head so she could go and participate in her school’s annual “Crazy Hair Day” competition. Daniella said that Gianessa loves everything that is sparkly and that she is so full of life. Daniella said that her daughter knows that the hair won’t grow back but she has decided to embrace it and she does everything she loves every day.

“I didn’t want her to feel like an outcast or that she wasn’t like the other kids,” said Daniella Write.

Gianessa’s head had such a beautiful design that she won the competition. Her friends complimented her and some even expressed that they would shave their heads to embrace that cool look themselves.

Source: Tech Times