This year’s Easter Egg Roll hosted at the White House in Washington D.C. will bring children a healthy candy for their teeth, which was also created by a kid. Alina Morse, now a 10-year-old girl from Wolverine Lake, Michigan came up with the idea of a candy good for kid’s health and what’s more, the candy will be the only one provided at the White House’s Easter Egg roll this year.

First Lady Michelle Obama invited the Morse family for this year’s Easter event for the second time in a row. Alina first thought of a candy with health benefits for the kid’s teeth when she was only 7 years old, as she’s not only a candy-eating enthusiast but also devoted to making it healthy for children to eat as much candy as they want.

Alina and Lola Morse at the White House Easter Egg Roll. Photo credit: Mp3 Rocket
Alina and Lola Morse at the White House Easter Egg Roll. Photo credit: Tiare Dunlap / Mp3 Rocket

The 5th grader from Wolverine Lake said she loves candy yet she is aware of the damage it can do to her teeth, and that’s why she created zollipops, in a report for People Magazine.

The zollipops, named by Alina’s younger sister, was designed along with her father’s help Tom, and took plenty of research before getting to the White House. Tom Morse, Alina’s father, helped her coming up with the concept as well as with the product development, yet Alina was on top of things as she began her research passionately.

The first issue to address was to find beneficial ingredients for teeth that could be used in the making of a candy good for people’s teeth. Thanks to Alina’s dental hygienist, she was able to combine both xylitol and erythritol, which help reduce the tooth decay as well as they help neutralize acid found in the mouth after eating.

Children are the toughest crowd

After the first batch of the zollipop candy was ready, Alina tested them within her friends in order to truly see if the candy was up to the children’s standards. She claims that she tested the initial batches of candy with her friends because kids are the main customers, according to the report from People.

It’s worth mentioning that the adorable 10 year old invested an impressive amount for a kid, although she is no ordinary kid as she’s already the head of her own company.

After investing $7,500 of her own savings from her grandparents in order to create her own company back in 2014, business is on the rise for Alina and her family.

Alina claims her business is doing really good right now, and that she and her family expect to triple their sales this year. And considering Alina and her family were invited to the White House to spread their zollipops among all attending children, she’s off to a great start indeed. The White House Easter Egg Roll that will take place this upcoming Monday will have the zollipops as the event’s unique candy.

Source: PEOPLE