Spinal cord injuries are widespread injuries faced by millions of people. Most spinal cord injuries happen due to motor accidents and falls, and Gunshop wound is also a significant contributor to spinal injuries. You’d be amazed to know that the average cost of treating major spinal injuries in Columbia can range from $300000 to up to a million for a year. This estimate is enough to convince you that you should never underestimate spinal cord injuries.

5 Effective Tips To Help People With Spine Injuries

According to research, 12,000 new cases of spine injuries are reported each year in the US. Any injury to the spine can potentially affect your entire life, mainly because of the possibilities of permanent disability. That is why it’s essential to take the proper steps if someone suffers a spinal cord injury. Before you admit the victim to a spine and pain center Columbia MD, you need to make sure the person does not do anything that can worsen the injury. To help you do that, here are five practical tips for dealing with spine injuries.

  1. Do not change positions of the injured person

As motor accidents are one of the major contributors to spinal injuries, a person is more likely to suffer from injuries to their spine if they met with a car accident. If you are at the accident spot and able to help the victim, never try to move the affected person as it might worsen the injury. Though the human spine supports the entire body, it is a delicate part. Even the slightest impact on the spine can cause permanent disability and paralysis.

As car accidents can be chaotic, it can be challenging to determine whether the affected person has any spine injury or not. Here are some ways you can recognize whether the victim is suffering from a spine injury or not.

  • The victim is showing signs of loss of consciousness.
  • The victim complains about extreme pain in the back and neck.
  • The victim falls on the back or faces any extreme impact on the back.
  • The victim complains about the numbness of the body, paralysis, or lack of control on the lower body parts like legs, bladder, and bowel.
  • The neck or the torso is twisted or found in an odd position.

If you observe any of the above signs, don’t move the victim. Instead, try to get immediate medical assistance without further delay.

  1. Do only the basic aid

Spital injuries can cause excruciating pain. The pain can make the victim move and shake, worsening the situation. If you don’t have any expertise in dealing with medical emergencies, it’s best to do the basic aid to the injured person. Try to keep the victim still so they won’t make any movement that can worsen the injury. You can put towels or pieces of clothes from the neck, torso, limbs, and both sides of the victim’s body to reduce any movement. Handle the victim with the utmost care until the medical help arrives.

  1. Call for help

If the victim is unconscious, you can follow the first aid action plan that might involve a CPR procedure. You can also try to loosen their clothes for better breathing. If the victim is not breathing, check for foreign contaminants in the mouth. If you find any debris, try to clear the airway with the help of your fingers. If the victim is conscious, try to calm them down and immediately call for help. In case you see the victim choking on blood or vomiting, you might need to roll them to their side. It will help to avoid choking due to the blood or vomit. But before you try to roll the victim, it’s essential to understand that you should never do it alone. Try to explain the situation to the medical help in the best way possible to take the necessary action.

  1. Consult spine injury specialists

Spine injuries can be brutal, leading to paralysis and permanent disabilities. Did you know that around 10,627 people lost their lives in fatal road accidents in Columbia in 2018? Most deaths in road accidents are caused by fatal injuries to the spine. That is why it is essential to consult a spine injury specialist to evaluate the damage, take necessary tests and scans and guide you with further treatment. You can easily find a spine and pain center in Columbia, MD, without much hassle.

The spine is the backbone that keeps human body structures balanced. Living life with spinal injuries can be challenging; that’s why it’s essential to take the right action for spinal cord injuries.