An arrest attempt at Topeka, Kansas, ended up in a shootout where 4 federal agents resulted injured and a motel got destroyed by fire.

However, none of the injuries were lethal, according to Topeka police Lt. Colleen Stuart. The U.S. Marshals Service’s Fugitive Task Forces had found a suspect on Saturday night at the Country Club Motel in Topeka.

The shootout that left 4 officers down has yet to release the full details of what happened to the man authorities were supposed to arrest in the premises. Credit: Kake
The reports of the shootout that left 4 officers down is expected to fill in the details of what happened to the man authorities were supposed to arrest in the premises later in the day. Credit: Kake

As the federal officers reached the place at 10 p.m. where the suspect was expected to be hiding, shots were fired upon the police force. The shootout resulted in nothing more than wounds, with an FBI agent, an undisclosed federal agent and two U.S marshals injured.

The events occurred on SW 37th Street and SW Topeka Boulevard. Bystanders and nearby residents thought that there were firecrackers being fired instead of bullets. Although it wasn’t any firecrackers, but bullets being shot almost simultaneously. Witnesses report that the firing was in quick succession, as in an automatic weapon.

An odd development of events

Shortly after the shooting, fire was set to the motel, destroying the infrastructure and completely scorching the building in flames. Topeka Fire Marshall Michael Martin stated that the building was indeed destroyed, but that he couldn’t say whether the fire was intentional or if bodies have been found in the remains of the motel. “I think we have it under control. We are doing some salvage and overhaul right now” Marshall Martin commented. It is reported that authorities remained until 6:30 in the morning.

Authorities have not identified the shooter yet nor given any information on whether it was arrested, shot down or if it managed to escape the scene. Still, a further report is expected later on the day with the full details of the events happened at the Country Club Motel.

It is speculated that the man in the hotel was Orlando Collins, a man connected to a carjack and a holdup that occurred in the proximity of Saturday’s events. He had robbed a Smoke Shop at 101 SW 37th and stole a 2011 silver Nissan Sentra. He was also involved in two other incidents: An attempted robbery at the Brookwood Shopping Center Dillions on SW 29th Street and an armed robbery at the Kwik Shop at 37th and Humboldt.

Source: KSNT