There are plenty of reasons to seek out a tutor for middle school, high school, or college students. A tutor can help you learn a specific concept, study for an important exam, or raise your grade in a specific class. If you’re a parent, a tutor can help your son or daughter feel successful and ready to tackle the upcoming school year, especially after learning at home for half of the previous year during the COVID-19 pandemic. Most students and parents are familiar with in-person tutoring, but online tutoring is actually the better option. Here are three reasons why you should hire an online tutor.

3 Reasons Why a Online Tutor Is Better Than an In-Person Tutor

#1: You’ll have tutoring no matter where you are.

Even with the COVID-19 pandemic canceling plans, you’re still busy. You and your family might spend the summer visiting relatives or traveling across the country in an RV. Luckily, the best online math tutor is available no matter where you might be. Your son or daughter can work on calculus or algebra digitally, without worrying about where in the world they are. This is the best option for anyone who’s very busy or not located near a great in-person tutor. Online tutoring has plenty of conveniences that in-person doesn’t. You don’t waste time driving to a tutor or cleaning your home to welcome someone into it. Your child can simply join a virtual meeting and spend time focusing on what needs to be done. You won’t have to stress about traffic making you late for a valuable service. The access to great tutoring makes online services truly incomparable

#2: You don’t have to welcome a stranger into your home.

Many in-person tutors don’t have an office or access to a space for tutoring, which means they are forced to invite themselves to your home and if you want to work with this person, you’re forced to invite them in. With an in-home tutor, you feel pressured to clean, offer snacks and drinks, and engage in small talk before the teacher begins work with your child. This can be draining for you as a host and it can cut into your child’s tutoring time. Now, during a global pandemic, it’s actually dangerous to invite strangers into your home. They could expose you and your family to a virus that you might have otherwise avoided. With online tutoring, you never have to welcome someone into your home whom you don’t know. This means it’s easier and less stressful to stick with digital services and keep strangers out of your house.

#3: Some students learn better digitally.

Since schools have moved to online classes during the pandemic, there’s more information available about how well students do with online and digital learning. For some, the move has been amazing. The lack of distractions, self-pacing, and the adapted expectations have helped these students focus on their learning and not worry about their grades. Kids are now growing up with their noses in smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Because of this, many kids know more about technology than their teachers. Working with an online tutor can be extremely beneficial for students who love working on the computer. They can stay focused and engage with online resources during the tutoring sessions. A digital learning environment could be great for your child or yourself.

Plus, online tutoring services like HelloThinkster are creating innovative tutoring practices that offer students more individualized advice, therefore facilitating the learning process. Online education is continually improving, so why not give it a try?

If you’re debating hiring an online math tutor for your child or yourself, don’t hesitate. A great tutor will understand the student’s needs and provide the best instruction to help fill gaps in knowledge. And, working with someone online provides greater flexibility and safety. If you’re looking for someone to help with homework or exams, start looking online.