Two-year-old Atlanta boy, AJ Burgess, was taken to the emergency room on Sunday morning for treatment of a peritonitis infection. This happened after his kidney transplant was delayed because of his father’s criminal records. AJ’s dad is the sole donor match.

A life-saving kidney transplant was denied for little AJ because his father failed to comply with his probation. The surgery was set for October 3rd; however, his dad was arrested. Surgeons had told AJ’s family that the baby would have to wait until January, but the toddler’s mother doubts that his baby can make it until next year given his current health conditions.

AJ Burgess, Kidney transplant delayed for 2-year-old, Atlanta 2-year-old kidney transplant
Little AJ Burgess was set to receive his dad’s kidney early in October, but Dickerson was arrested. Image credit:

“He made it his business to say, ‘Once I get out, I’m gonna promise to my son that he can get a kidney,” A.J.’s mother, Carmellia, said.

AJ’s father will have to behave very well if he wants to save his son’s life

Since 2011, AJ’s father, Anthony Dickerson has visiting jail due to several misdemeanor theft charges and a first-degree forgery charge. His 2-year-old son was born earlier than expected and because of that one of his kidneys has never worked. The need for a kidney transplant has been growing as time goes by. A few months ago, the little boy, who only weighs 25 pounds, suffered a stroke.

His father was tested and proved to be the perfect candidate to save AJ’s life. The transplant was set for October. Anthony, 26, was released from jail soon before the surgery and he was completely willing to give the organ his son needed.

The only problem was that AJ’s father was arrested again, one day before the surgery because he violated his probation on weapon charges when he was found possessing a weapon while he was attempting to commit a felony. Anthony was arrested by authorities in Gwinnett County.

“The family of ‘Baby AJ’ Burgess is en route the emergency room and asks for prayers from the community as Baby AJ battles a peritonitis infection.  AJ is waiting for kidney transplant surgery but his father, who is his perfect match donor, has been denied the opportunity to donate his kidney to expedite the process of transplanting a new kidney,” said Atlanta attorney Mawuli Davis.

Davis also added that the family is desperate for help to save Baby AJ’s life and is asking for help “from anyone who may be able to expedite the process of transplanting a new kidney.”

AJ’s mother: He won’t make it until next year

Doctors at the Emory Hospital in Atlanta told AJ’s mother they had to wait until January 2018 since they are re-evaluating the status of the donor to make sure all the requirements for the operation are in order.

AJ Burgess, Kidney transplant delayed for 2-year-old, Atlanta 2-year-old kidney transplant
Dickerson has to behave well for the next three months if he wants to donate a kidney to his son AJ. Image credit:

Apparently, the hospital said that the Living Donor Transplant Team at Emory needs Dickerson to behave well for the next three to four months so that he can give the organ to AJ. Emory Healthcare refused to provide more information about this case because of privacy regulation and respect for patient confidentiality.

AJ’s mother is desperate because she considers that his son won’t be able to survive until January. She also stated that AJ needs a bladder surgery, too. Carmellia said that the hospital should not punish her baby for the felonies of his father. Currently, AJ is unable to walk. He depends on a dialysis machine. She said that the story is not about his husband but his boy who is in need of a new kidney.

Source: Rolling Out