The best gemstones for jewelry bring the best qualities there are in the industry. Today, buying a moissanite engagement ring is almost certainly owing to its increasing popularity in the market. For a long time, women treasured diamonds as the only favorite stone for their jewelry. However, more and more alternatives continue to emerge and that includes moissanite. This lab-grown stone is making a huge contribution to the industry.

Why You Should Buy Moissanite Engagement Rings

So, what is moissanite? Henri Moissan discovered this precious gem in 1893 after studying a meteorite. Later on, scientists found the stone to be Silicon Carbide (SiC). Following this discovery, they started making it in the laboratory. There was a lot of interest in this gem because it matched diamond qualities.

Useful Moissanite Properties for your Engagement Rings

To research, moissanite is a great stone for the jewelry industry. Those who do not know cannot differentiate it from diamond. Here are important qualities that make this stone a great choice for engagement rings:

  1. Hardness and Durability

This stone has a score of 9.25 on the Mohs scale of hardness, close matching that of a diamond whose value is 10. Therefore, moissanite will give you enough strength for your ring. Most importantly, the gem is hard to scratch and therefore, it can withstand harsh conditions and abrasion.

Your jewelry needs to last long and reflect a lasting union with your special person. For that reason, this stone will serve the intended purpose and use of your engagement ring.

  1. Value and Affordability

Despite showing high-quality properties, moissanite is more affordable than a diamond. Therefore, it is the stone to pick if you are working on a tight budget. You will get the best of qualities at a low cost. In that case, you do not have to dig deep in your pocket if you do not have a lot of money to spare.

Low-cost moissanite is due to the sufficient supply through lab-growing processes. Therefore, it is less scarce than diamond hence the lower prices than those of alternative stones.

  1. Precise and flawless stone

Lab-grown moissanite has a flawless cut. This gives it better fire and brilliance than diamond and other alternatives. Therefore, it is a perfect choice for engagement rings. Dealers ensure a smooth cut for a high refractive index, which is good for a brilliant and elegant look.

Most importantly, the stone comes in different sizes and shapes. It is easy to cut and therefore a better alternative to use for complex and elegant designs than most stones. If you want a custom ring, moissanite gives you many possibilities because it is easy to cut and work with.

  1. Variety of Color

With moissanite, you have variety when it comes to color choice. This is an important aspect to consider when picking your engagement ring. Therefore, this stone will give you a variety to choose from for your ring. High-grade moissanite is colorless. However, other versions are grey and yellow-green.

  1. Moissanite’s Carat Size

Moissanite rings come in different sizes. However, the size of the carat does not depend on the weight, as is the case with diamonds. In addition, moissanite is lighter than diamond hence perfect for lightweight jewelry. Therefore, you probably would want to pick this stone due to its quality.

  1. Ethical Considerations

People mine most of the gemstones you will find in the market. However, moissanite is lab-grown. For that reason, it is ethically obtained for use in the jewelry industry. Gems like diamonds are associated with conflict and instability in society. Therefore, you may want to go for lab-grown solutions like moissanite to help support the environment and peaceful coexistence in society.

Final Words

There are many stones to pick for your engagement ring in the jewelry market. However, one specific stone stands out and this is moissanite. This lab-grown stone is perfect for use in various types of jewelry. Therefore, you cannot go wrong by picking it for your engagement ring.

The stone gives you diamond-like qualities of hardness and durability. In addition, it comes in different sizes and shapes and shines better. Again, it will give you value for money because it is more affordable than most stones you will find in the industry.