People on the internet reported problems when they tried to enter to two of the most frequented and known social medias in the Pacific time zone: Facebook and Instagram. According to Down Detector, a site that tracks problems and shutdowns on the internet around the world, outages began at 9:00 am ET and lasted for a few minutes.

Online users couldn’t post or perform simple activities on both Facebook and Instagram, many of them couldn’t even access the social networks. Around 48 percent users couldn’t log in the applications, 31 percent presented a total black out, and 19 percent couldn’t perform any activity related to pictures like giving likes, share or upload them. Not even by their phones or tablets, either on their computers.

Image credit: Adweek
Image credit: Adweek

Outages in both Facebook and Instagram

People around the world presented issues when they tried to access their Facebook and Instagram accounts, both companies owned by the billionaire American computer programmer and Internet entrepreneur, Mark Zuckerberg. Users reported they couldn’t log in, and started to migrate to Twitter to denounce what was happening.

On Saturday morning, 9:00 am ET, users started to receive a message saying that there was a “temporary problem” when they tried to send messages, comment on their friends’ photos, share contents on their timelines, watch videos, give likes, and even entering the websites. However, the issue was resolved in a couple of minutes.

According to, around 2,500 users had problems when they tried to enter into their Facebook and Instagram accounts. Most of them couldn’t do it through the applications, nor the websites. More than 40 percent of them reported a total failure to load.

“Earlier today, a technical issue caused some people to have trouble accessing Facebook services. We quickly investigated and have been restoring service for everyone. We’re sorry for any inconvenience,” a spokesperson said on Saturday.

The issue affected users around the world

Worldwide users received a message on Facebook saying that the application was down for “required maintenance.” According to Down Detector’s map, the most affected countries were India, Japan, Malaysia, and Vietnam in Asia; Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Moldova, Russia (Moscow specifically), Poland, the Netherlands, and United Kingdom in Europe; South of Australia, Brazil in South America, and Canada and the United States in North America.

The most affected cities in the US were Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Tampa, and Washington.

Source: Fox News