‘Crystal clear’ evidence reveals alliance between Turkish government and Islamic State militants. Karim al-Nouri, spokesman for the Popular Front’s Badr Organization, told Russia Today that Turkey is currently allowing terrorists to cross its border back and forth with Ankara, providing them with logistical support.

The spokesman denounced that the Turks are responsible for providing terrorists with the largest logistical support and supply routes. He claimed that Turkey, where they are trained and recruited, has become a safe territory for them. After rechecking the evidence, which includes confessions from prisoners, all the information will be made public.

Kurdish people highlight Turkey’s support for ISIS in Syria. Protest on Westminster Bridge. Credit:

Nouri is part of one of Iraq’s most prominent Shiite militias, whose forces have gathered significant hard data from dead ISIS militants, despite ISIS’s efforts to meticulously destroy any possible evidence by burning dead fighters along with their electronic devices.

“Recently we found a few of their phones which have messages of their orders, coordinates and data on movement of their people,” as Nouri told RT. “The problem of ISIL did not just appear out of the blue, somebody is allowing them to freely cross borders… I want the audience to know the extent to which Turkey openly supports ISIS.”

He affirmed that the evidence, now in possession of Iraqi intelligence, includes pictures of Turkish President Erdogan’s son doing business with ISIS leaders. He emphasized that the material is real and that it was even made public by ISIS representatives. Iraqi intelligence is currently analyzing the data to determine the “degree of participation of the Turkish secret services and their involvement in ISIS affairs”.

Nouri said that the countries where the militants come from include Uzbekistan, Chechnya, and Saudi Arabia. Turkish leadership is communicating with ISIS commanders in several different languages, such as Turkuman, Kurdish, and English. They hardly speak in Arabic.

Turkish military presence in Iraq

According to the spokesman, Turkish alliance with the Islamic State started with the main purpose of bringing down the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad, but Iraq also became part of that campaign when the Turks began supporting fighters there. Erdogan’s strategy is to arm and supply ISIS to dismember that regime and create a Sunni district in Iraq, which explains why Turkish forces refuse to leave the Iraqi soil.

On December 4, neighbor countries denounced Turkish intrusion in Baghdad as a violation of Iraq’s sovereignty and international law, calling for the immediate withdrawal of Turkish troops. During an emergency Arab League meeting in Cairo, Egypt’s Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry said that all countries conforming the league must join forces to fight terrorism.

Turkey, which deployed about 150 soldiers without prior permission, defended itself by claiming that its military presence was aiming to train Kurdish groups fighting ISIS. The country agreed to remove some of its troops but refused to accept a complete withdrawal of its presence.

Cyber attacks hit Turkey

On Monday the hacking group Anonymous released a video declaring war on Turkey, accusing it of supporting the terror insurgence. “Dear Government of Turkey, if you don’t stop supporting ISIS, we will continue attacking your internet, your root DNS, your banks and take your government sites down,” said an unidentified person wearing the accustomed Guy Fawkes mask. “We will destroy your critical banking infrastructure.”

Turkish institutions began reporting attacks to their websites two weeks ago but they have intensified this week. Ahmet Acar, rector of the Middle East Technical University (ODTÜ), said in a statement that the nation is facing one of the world’s biggest cyber attacks. The ODTÜ, based in Ankara, operates Turkey’s “.tr” domain, which includes official websites of ministries, the military, banks and several commercial sites.

Source: RT