NEW YORK — Breakfast sandwiches were removed from 250 Starbucks stores last week. The franchise was informed that a bacteria could be present in their products. The company that makes Starbucks sandwiches, Progressive Gourmet Inc, found rests of a bacteria in their main facility during a routine test.

“As soon as Starbucks was informed of the potential issue, the impacted product was removed from the 250 stores that potentially received it,” the food manufacturer said.

Photo: Starbucks
Photo: Starbucks

Listeria is a bacterium that can cause infections in people with weak immunologic systems. Children and seniors are easy prey and pregnant women who are infected by it have reported higher risks of miscarriages and stillbirths.

The food manufacturer is working with the FDA to track the source of the bacteria with the aid of the Massachusetts Department of Health. The company reached out to their customers and told them to return 6-ounces packages of the sandwiches. Progressive Gourmet offered a full refund.

It is important to add that no listeria infections have been reported regarding Starbucks products.

But sandwiches are not the only meal removed from the menu. The franchise also recalled its “Cheese & Fruit Bistro Box” packs. Starbucks was informed by one of their ingredient suppliers that undeclared cashews had mixed among the almonds that are used in Bistro boxes. The almonds were distributed to Washington and the company took swift action by removing it from the local menu.

Cashews are very dangerous for people that are allergic to it. Luckily, no allergic reactions have been reported after consuming Starbucks products.

The company has shown their commitment to their clients in both cases by acting effectively and without delay.

Source: CNN