After allegations of murder-suicide theories from the police about the Barry (75 years old) and Honey Sherman (70 years old) case, a new theory was released by private investigators, in which they suggest that the couple was killed by a group of people, after struggling, on December 13th. The murder-suicide theory was profoundly rejected by those who knew the couple, refusing to believe that their life would’ve ended like that.

Refusing to believe in theories that seemed negligent and untrue to the family and close ones, the children of the couple decided to hire independent investigators to solve the case, and now they seem to be questioning the theories declared by the Toronto Police.

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Flowers laid outside the Sherman residence, in Toronto. Image credit: Reuters

The investigators found some discrepancies along the hints that the police used for creating their report. CBC Toronto reported that source said their bodies were in an upright seated position on the floor near an indoor pool. Furthermore, police deemed the deaths “suspicious” but haven’t commented anything since the deaths occurred.

Ropes, belts, struggle and a pool of blood

One of the statements the Toronto police released said that the couple died from “ligature neck compression” (strangulation) and that the objects used for wrapping their necks and strangling the couple were leather belts, which were then used for knotting them around a handrail next to the pool and keeping the bodies sitting.

The private investigators told CBC that evidence of the couple being bounded together was found, although no rope was discovered and even though the reports by the Toronto Police claim that there were no signs of forced entry, the private investigators believe that Honey struggled with the killers because she had injuries on her face.

Her clothes were stained in a way that, according to CBC, suggests that she was left in a specific position, not letting the blood soak her upper clothing, and then she was hanged while being in a pool of blood. She was left next to her husband and kept in a sitting position.

Bernard and Honey Sherman murder, Apotex founder murder case, New theory on Sherman case, Sherman murder case Toronto
Police moving the body of one of the victims. Image credit: Reuters

Their house in North York, Toronto was valued around the 7 million dollar mark. They were discovered dead by a real estate agent in their basement. He was preparing the place for an open house.

The perfect pair of a workaholic man and a tender wife

It is no secret to the world that Barry Sherman was a revolutionary fighter businessman who made his way to the billionaires of the Forbes List and to be the 12th wealthiest man in Canada. Sherman even overcame prostate cancer ten years ago.

According to The Globe and Mail, he revolutionized the pharmaceutical industry in Canada, and the first step of his huge success using the life savings of his mother was to buy a business that was no strange to him – as his uncle already had a manufacturing and exporting company of generic drugs.

Striving to keep his empire he would be merciless with his competition on the generic drug area, and ruthless during his then public fight on the court with his own family. But recent statements from the family of the couple and their neighbors and friends suggest another portray of the man, just as the sweet and beautiful image of his wife. Many claim that Barry was a workaholic, and not as sociable as Honey, but he would still get out of his comfort zone because he knew it was important to her.

The family of the pair has rejected the theory of a murder-suicide case, and many neighbors have as well, claiming that the picture-perfect couple, bubbly and enthusiastic, were dedicated to their family, adding that the rumors that now surround the death of their beloved parents are inconsistent and regrettable.

One of the children depicts as irresponsible the police theory, which nobody wants to believe.  Some friends of the couple, part of the Jewish Community they were part of as well (including Prime Minister Trudeau and Mayor Tory) claim that they had a hard time to find a cause to the tragedy.

Plans that wouldn’t be achieved

Bernard and Honey Sherman murder, Apotex founder murder case, New theory on Sherman case, Sherman murder case Toronto
Bernard and Honey were known for their philanthropic work around Canada. Image credit: Stringer/Reuters

According to The Washington Post, the couple had already done so much in Canada, just like donating millions of dollars to universities, the United Jewish Appeal, and hospitals, even being Honey member of several of them, that now they were planning on staying for a month in their Palm Beach winter home.

Honey would arrive first and wait for Barry to come a week later, but she had already emailed her friends hoping to see them. Honey would leave on December 18th, just five days after her murder, and three days after being found.

A few weeks before they were killed, during a party for federal Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer, Barry claimed that he still loved his job and that had no plans of leaving it or his company Apotex. A dinner party was planned by the couple, to which they invited some of his friends back home to stay with them.

Source: The Washington Post