Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl who was released last year by Taliban militants in exchange for five prisoners from Guantanamo prisoners is now being charged by the Army with desertion. According to retired Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer, now working at the Center for Policy Research in London, the military’s decision was confirmed from two reputable sources.

When Army officials were asked for comment, they declined to make a formal comment. However, Paul Boyce, spokesman for the Army said there is no change and that the situation at this time is an ongoing review. No comment was provided either by Eugene Fidell, the attorney working for Bergdahl.

However, Shaffer confirmed that Fidell had been provided with a charge sheet, which clearly outlines the specific section of the justice code used by the Army that was allegedly violated by Bergdahl. Then Shaffer added that as a corporate entity, a decision was made by the Army to pursued charges on this violation.

Shaffer admitted that currently, a big battle is raging within the Obama administration with some members trying to quiet the development of this case. As a result, things behind the scenes have become a titanic size struggle. However, the Army is determined to do what is right even though White House hopes this will all simply go away.

Because of the political narrative, President Obama is “cozying” up to Bergdahl’s parents, due to him allowing the five Taliban prisoners being released. The White House narrative is that the administration does not want information about the exchange being revealed. Bergdahl’s release came in 2014 after being held captive for five years.

Even though Obama met with Bergdahl’s parents in the Rose Garden to celebrate his release, the exchange was met with serious controversy. For one thing, Bergdahl was accused by several of his fellow soldiers of leaving his post without authority in 2009 while on the base in Afghanistan. That coupled with him being exchanged for the five prisoners caused a lot of criticism in Congress from lawmakers who felt strongly this sent the wrong message.

Richard Grenell, former diplomat, said in a statement yesterday that the Obama administration has sent a clear message that the United States is more than willing to make negotiations with a well-known terrorist group.

He also mentioned another supposed offer that was made around the same time that Bergdahl was released when two Americans held in Qatar were released in exchange for an Al Qaeda agent kept in a Federal prison. When questioned about this second deal, Obama’s administration denied the claim.