Giant Bomb claimed to have seen documents with details about the launch of a new and more powerful PS4 and has leaked the information.

Rumors say that Sony would possibly launch a new and updated PS4, unofficially known as the PS4K or PS4.5. A leaked report confirms the rumors of a new Sony console codenamed PS4 NEO. The specs also reveal an improvement on performance, price and how games will work on both PS4 systems.

Leaked information says that the new version of the PS4 is codemaned NEO. Credit: VidaExtra

According to Giant Bomb, Sony’s project is internally referred as NEO, and it will feature eight AMD Jaguar CPU cores clocked at 2.1GHz, 36 Compute Units based on Polaris and clocked at 911MHz, and the same 8GB of GDDR5 but with a maximum bandwidth of 218GB/s.

Meanwhile, NEO’s CPU will be 31% faster than the previous PS4, the GPU is expected to be more than twice as powerful, and the system packs 24% more memory bandwidth. NEO would also include the bandwidth-saving color compression that launched with GCN 1.2, and improvements introduced by Polaris.

These upgrades will assure players more stable frame rate, higher visual fidelity and support 4K resolution.

PS4 vs. NEO 

PS4 gamers have nothing to worry about, according to the report. In the new PS4 system, all games will be playable on both PS4 and NEO, PS4 game is just required to ship with both a “Base Mode” and a “NEO Mode.” Base Mode stands for the current PS4 systems while the NEO Mode will be used for the hardware upgrades of the PS4 NEO. Players will have the chance to keep all of the purchases they made on the PS4.

NEO won’t have exclusive titles, gameplay options, items or any other features; meaning that the consoles are pretty much the same, with NEO being more power than the previous PS4. In fact, both systems will also share the PSN store, will be connected to the same online communities and will offer the same users experience.

Starting September, every game will support both PS4 and NEO systems, even when the release date for NEO is still unknown. Previous reports point that NEO will cost $399.

Sony has commented on the leaks yet, but an official announcement is expected to release in the near future.

Source: Extreme Tech