Ron Book is not only President and CEO of Ronald L. Book, P.A. He is also an expert in the policy-making process and specializes in lobbying and governmental affairs. His unique blend of education and experience with local business clients and lawmakers in Florida have shaped his success as a lobbyist.

Ron Book Discusses Lobbyist As A Political Career

At the heart of the democratic process is the notion that American citizens have an active voice in the decisions our elected officials make. Ron Book knows that one of the main ways for that voice to reach the right ears is through the work of lobbyists. The goal of a lobbyist is to influence government decision-makers toward legislation that will benefit a person, a population, or an organization,

But, it takes the right combination of communications skills, political science knowledge, and interest in current political issues to enter a rewarding political career.

What it takes to be a lobbyist

Ron Book is a people person, and that is a good foundation for anyone hoping to become a lobbyist. It is both an art and science to be a successful lobbyist. It takes the art of persuasion and the science of politics to become great at it, according to Mr. Book. This means there is no one playbook.

Each and every effort to get the attention of the right policy-maker and persuade them to see your side of an issue must be tailored to fit that individual politician. In addition to good personal communication skills with adept persuasion techniques, a lobbyist must have their finger on the pulse of the current political environment.

When Ron Book goes in to lobby on a cause directly, he goes in prepared with poll results, charts, graphs, and reports. Because it is the facts that really matter. And this is the science of lobbying on behalf of a political cause.

Ron Book on how to become a lobbyist

Social media influencers are known for having a large following of loyalists who believe in what they do or what they say. Before social media influencers, there were lobbyists! The first step to becoming a lobbyist is to get educated on how the government is run and how to be a great communicator. This education can be from secondary education or from experience as a lawyer, PR agent, or journalist.

While there is no direct path to lobbying as a profession, you will find certain professional organizations, such as the National Institute for Lobbying and Ethics (NILE), that offer lobbying certification.

Next, build up strong communication skills, especially in topics relating to local or national politics. This can start early with challenging conversations with friends and family. Also, consider honing your communication skills by participating in Toastmasters, door-to-door political campaigns, networking with local politicians, and holding leadership roles at your present job.

Finally, Ron Book suggests you pursue an advanced degree in law, politics, or in your market sector of lobbying expertise. The strongest and most productive lobbyist will likely hold an advanced degree within the sphere of politics they may want to persuade. For example, an advanced healthcare degree is a great background for a healthcare lobbyist.

Ron Book is a successful lobbyist living in Florida with a prestigious client list and excellent results in persuading lawmakers.