Most of us don’t have anything to hide. But does it mean you would be comfortable if all of your data were public? Surely, not. Here’s some good news. Protecting your data is easy with new encryption software, NordLocker. It works on Windows computers as well as macOS. Plus, if you download it today, you’ll get 5 GB of free encryption.

Quick Ways to Improve Your Privacy

Raise your data privacy standards

There’s a difference between not having anything to hide and allowing companies to freely use your private identifiable information (PII). What makes matters worse is that we’ve been pushed to think that privacy tools are for conspiracy nuts only.

Guess what? There’s nothing wrong about trying to protect your privacy. And, since there are easy ways to do it, you should. Here’s how.


We briefly mentioned the name in the beginning. It’s free encryption software from the guys that built the world-famous VPN service, NordVPN. Encryption allows you to secure your files, whether you keep them on your device or upload them to the cloud. It’s so easy to use, and it’s definitely worth a try.


Adblocker extensions don’t do nearly enough of what they should be doing. A VPN service will hide your IP address from advertisers, limiting the amount of information they can use to target you.

Privacy browsers and search engines

How much trouble would you be in if your search bar could talk? But it already can. Check out DuckDuckGo, a search engine that has been praised for the efforts to help users take back their privacy.