With billions of active Facebook accounts worldwide, the platform is a huge marketing opportunity. Facebook has continued to evolve and most of its revenue now comes from targeted ads. Are you planning to reach a bigger market through Facebook? You’re in luck!

Profitable Facebook Interest Targeting: How to Target Facebook Ads
Brett Jordan

In this post, we’ll be looking at five of the hottest ways to improve your Facebook Ads reach. Make the most of the info about Facebook targeting and you’ll get your returns in record time!

6 Sure-Fire Ways to Improve the Performance of Your Facebook Ads

1.Narrow your search and segment your audience

Before posting your ad, Facebook requires you to select the gender, age range, and location of your audience. Ignoring parameters like demographics and gender could spell the end of your ad campaign before it even starts.

Ensure you narrow down your audience with the three parameters Facebook needs to show results – age, gender, and location.

Your produce could appeal to everyone within the scope of Facebook Ads, but don’t use a blanket approach. Using one ad for every demographic in your target audience never ends well. It is better to tailor ads towards appealing to members of a particular demographic in an engaging manner.

2.Focus on the interests of your target audience (But No One Else Would)

Besides pinpointing potential customers based on age, gender, and location, other parameters need to be involved for success.

Maintaining an approach that keeps your audience small and interested in your product will reap better rewards.

For instance, let’s say you sell soccer goods. Don’t think about selecting Cristiano Ronaldo. Even people who don’t follow soccer know him pretty well. But a soccer player like Kylian Mbappe could elicit interest from serious soccer fans.

To focus on your audience’s interests, you need to fund the ‘Interests’ tab in ‘Settings’ and choose your desired market. Through this process, you can pinpoint the number of people who share similar interests with your product.

Ensure your ad focuses on more than one interest or it may fall flat. Make sure to target around three or more interests per ad to guarantee more conversions.

3.Target mobile users

People mostly log on to Facebook through their smartphones, tablets, and other portable devices.

Under the ‘Behaviors’ section, you can focus ads on Facebook accounts based on several characteristics. If you wish to select all mobile devices by brand, you may have a bulky audience and limited results.

Let’s say your service focuses on smartphones and other handheld devices. Most smartphones and handheld devices run on Android or iOS operating systems. You can narrow your audience based on your product and the customers you intend to reach.

An iOS-related product may be lost on Android users, as most mobile users are less likely to swap operating systems. Chances of better conversions increase when your ads focus on a smaller market with the perfect set of customers.

4.Target huge markets

The beauty of huge markets is simple – there’s more potential than what you know to do with. Some of the hottest markets like gaming, tech, sports, food, and real estate are great for targeted Facebook ads.

Let’s say you plan to target the gaming market with Facebook Ads. There are three ways to do it:

  • Check under ‘Buyer profiles’ and select ‘Gamers’
  • Look under ‘Digital activities’ and choose ‘Console gamers’ or any other game-related option you prefer
  • You can also check ‘Consumer electronics’ and go on to choose ‘Game consoles’ as a major interest

There’s another fantastic attribute attached to targeting Facebook Ads towards a specific audience – flexibility.

You can decide to stick to one targeting medium or use all options available. Checking out your results to see what works better will help you fine-tune future campaigns.

So, let’s say you’re a gaming service and want to target specific audiences, this feature makes your work much easier.

5.Tap into brand awareness targeting

60% of American consumers expect brands to focus their business model on developing our society. Brand awareness is tied into the consciousness of consumers towards brands they patronize more than ever before.

Positioning your business as a beacon of hope by delving into charitable causes could be huge. If you’re a non-profit or charitable venture, this tip will surely work well for your marketing campaign.

Go to the ‘Behaviors’ section on Facebook Ads and select from any cause your business seeks to support. Most companies tend to focus their campaign on ‘Cancer Causes’, ‘Children’s Causes’, ‘Health’, and ‘Environment and wildlife’.

With such an approach towards targeting charitable causes, you indirectly create awareness about your business.

If you’re not a non-profit, that doesn’t mean you can’t leverage this form of target Facebook Ads for results. Several charitable organizations will be glad to partner with your business. Think of this approach as killing two birds (attracting traffic and saving humanity) with one stone (target Facebook Ads).


With Facebook Ads, you can get more attention to your business, generate more traffic, and amass more conversions. Several businesses have raked in five to six figures in record time through Facebook interest targeting.

If your ads are underperforming, focusing your marketing based on demographics is an excellent place to start. Combining your focus on a particular demographic with the tips above will surely yield results.

Some marketers may be worried about over-downsizing their target audience. But downsizing with the right steps could help you bring in more profits than having a bloated target market.

Facebook Ads is a potent tool to get more conversions and returns on investment. Make sure you use it right, and you’ll be raking in profits as you’ve never imagined. Besides being a money-spinner, Facebook Ads help you stay ahead of the competition.