Recent data from the CDC indicates that about 75,302,383 people have had a positive SARS-CoV-2 test results since the pandemic started. Of these, there have been around 888,784 deaths reported.

Organizations Supported By Northshore Clinical Labs during the Coronavirus Pandemic
National Cancer Institute

The numbers above are undoubtedly devastating, but they do not accurately reflect the serious toll the virus has had on those alive. Social interactions have been severed more so for children and the elderly, while the number of homeless people has increased in almost all states. In an attempt to reduce the number of covid-19 infections and deaths, Moderna and Pfizer have recently asked the FDA for approval for a fourth vaccine dose against the Omicron variant.

While vaccines have been crucial in reducing the impact of covid-19, Northshore Clinical Labs, based in Chicago, Illinois, has worked tirelessly since the start of the pandemic to process thousands of coronavirus tests. Northshore Clinical Labs understands that time is crucial when preventing and treating Covid and has thus aimed for the timely delivery of tests results. It uses cutting-edge communication technologies to quickly transmit blood and PCR test results that will decrease the social and health issues associated with the coronavirus.

The experiences of the lab’s staff dealing with Covid have also become a driving force in expanding the lab’s services to become more community-oriented than before. In this regard, Northshore Clinical Labs partners with local and non-local communities to slow the spread of coronavirus.

Nursing homes and care facilities

Many disabled and elderly people live in nursing facilities and care-style homes in which they have more fulfilling lives. Nonetheless, these places are among those with the highest risk for coronavirus infections. Since the pandemic started, teams from Northshore Clinical Labs have visited nursing homes, independent living facilities, and assisted living facilities to test residents, visitors and staff while assisting in vaccine events. Some of the facilities that have benefitted include Westminster Place, Three Crowns Park, Green American rehabilitation, the Springs of Monarch Landing, and Bridgeview Health Center.

Charter facilities

Institutional education has been shown to benefit children because of the social interaction with their teachers and peers. Northshore Clinical Labs has partnered with the Learn Charter School Network to provide coronavirus testing that enables students to continue on-site learning. On-site, Northshore Clinical Labs team members wear full PPE gear for sample collection and testing, then return results promptly to the school. This allows students to participate in class without as many disruptions though having to quarantine and miss class any time they are possibly exposed to the virus. As long as they test negative, they can stay in class.

Summer camps

For children to thrive, they need recreational activities and other social interactions. Though summer camps have provided social interaction for children and families for years, their activities now put attendees at risk of contracting coronavirus. Northshore Clinical Labs provides supportive testing services to campers and staff to protect attendees. The teams from the lab conducted PCR tests and delivered test results promptly across more than 100 camps during the summer of 2021. These tests allowed children to participate in summer camp activities and resume life with a sense of normalcy.

Homeless programs

The National Alliance to End Homelessness estimated that 580,466 people were homeless in 2020. Though the pandemic made it challenging to estimate the numbers since then, it is believed that this number has increased exponentially. To this end, Northshore Clinical Labs has become the leading sponsor of the Chicago-based ShowerUP program. This non-profit started in 2016 and provides showers and hygiene resources for people experiencing homelessness. Northshore Clinical Labs also raised $25,000 for the Chicago-based ShowerUp locations in November 2021.

With increased community outreach, Northshore Clinical Labs has expanded its staff and now has double the number of employees it did before. As such, there are now enough employees to handle the increased testing brought about by the pandemic. Moreover, the increase in staffing has negated a backlog of unprocessed covid tests, which naturally resulted during the peak of the outbreak when the lab took a hit with many employees infected and those taking time off to care for sick loved ones.

Other than an increased workforce, Northshore Clinical Labs has invested in some of the latest technologies for testing. The company also continues developing beneficial partnerships with communities and businesses in Chicago and its environs. It aims to continue offering these supportive services through the rest of 2022 to cement its position as a leader in charitable pursuits and medical testing. Northshore Clinical Labs hopes that its efforts will benefit everyone who needs its services throughout the pandemic.