By tomorrow night, the Northeast is expected to be hit hard by a blizzard. With New York getting ready to be hit hard, the National Basketball Association (NBA) has cancelled both the Knicks game against the Kings and the Nets game against the Trailblazers.

At this time, the Kings game has been rescheduled for March 3 while the Nets game is set for April 6. The Knicks next home game is supposed to be this Wednesday against Oklahoma City, which on Monday night will host the Timberwolves. On the same day, the Nets are going to play in Atlanta, going to Philadelphia first before making it to their game destination.

Currently, the Knicks are playing well. In the last four games, the team has taken three. While everyone is disappointed in the game cancellation, this might be a lucky break for Amar’e Stoudemire who last Saturday in Charlotte sprained both his left ankle and wrist.

This also provides the Nets a reprieve, as well as the opportunity to regroup after experiencing a hard stretch in which of the last 12 games they lost 10. However, another challenge is that Mirza Teletovic, sharp shooter is reportedly out for the remainder of the season due to getting treatment for blood clots found in his lungs. The team also has Joe Johnson playing this tendinitis in his left ankle and right knee so the blizzard might help to some degree.

In addition, point guard Deron Williams is out for the Nets due to a rib injury. Not only did he miss his ninth consecutive game last Saturday but he is out indefinitely. The last two games played by the team were lost by a total of 74 points. Even harder is that the upcoming stretch is expected to be the most difficult for the team. As of Monday, the Nets are one-half game out of the eighth seed for the Eastern Conference.

According to meteorologists, as much as three feet is expected to dump across the Northeast to include New York. With news of the impending blizzard, over 1,400 flights going into and out of J.F. Kennedy and LaGuardia airports have been cancelled as of this morning. In addition to the huge amount of snow anticipated, forecasters state that winds will reach as high as 65 miles per hour.