Austria – Naked Labs introduced its new 3-D home body scanner on April 14, 2016. The company founded by Farhad Farahbakhshian and Ed Sclater announced its new product on its official web page.

Fitness became more of a trend than a fashion. A lot of people have become famous by working out and having spectacular results. YouTube and social media celebrities boosted a multi-million industry which offers supplements, classes, equipment and much more.

But it’s more than just working out a couple times a week. For some people, being in perfect shape is the most important thing in their lives because the fitness business is a very competitive field right now, there isn’t a reliable method to measure progress.

Naked Labs introduced its new 3-D home body scanner on April 14, 2016. Photo credit: Naked
Naked Labs introduced its new 3-D home body scanner on April 14, 2016. Photo credit: Naked

Some specialists have been using the Body Mass Index (BMI) as a measure, but many people are skeptical about it, so they rely on scales and what the eye can see. In this regard, Naked Labs might have the solution with their 3-D home body scanner.

“At Naked Labs, we believe that the only metric worth tracking is progress. Our mission is to inspire health through honest insights,” as it can be read on the official web page.

What do you get for 500 bucks?

Well, the product is composed of 2 main parts, the hardware, and the app. In the box, customers get a mirror and scale, the design is very fashionable and since the scale is wireless, there are no visible cords. To compliment these, the company developed an app that users are supposed to download on their phones or computers.

The mirror is filled with sensors that analyze the height and body measures in a very accurate way using 3D Depth – Intel® RealSense™ Technology. It also has a laser that points to where you are supposed to place the scale. The latter works on almost any surface and the developing team says it is very precise on both carpet and hard floor.

Behind all of these, there is an Intel quad-processor from the Atom family. The scanner has 8 GB storage and 2 GB ram and it supports both WI-FI and Bluetooth. Overall, it has very decent specs. The app works on IOS and Android, the company said nothing about Windows.


The process is very simple, you turn on the mirror and a laser will point to where you have to place the scale. After that, you get totally naked and get on the weighing mat for a minute or so, and that’s pretty much it. Then, you open the app and see how fit you really are.

The idea is for users to get realistic and honest data on their bodies that help them understand what training routine they need. It also allows people to keep detailed track since it tells how much mass you are gaining or losing using a percentage system.

Naked Labs has made it clear, the objective of the scanner is to help people measure themselves and use the data to get fit. So far, there are no comments on how the device could be used for medical treatment or anything similar.

It is too soon to give a verdict, but it seems Naked Labs hit the nail and it’s not that expensive. We will have to wait for physical therapists, trainers, and customers to rate it and comment.

Source: Naked