The MBA admissions process is not an easy process. The student needs to take care of several little aspects while completing that application procedure. Besides, the admissions committee can be highly particular about the characteristic features that distinguish a strong candidature. It is not possible for a student to understand these nuances and hence, the need for a good MBA admissions consultant, one who will help the student avoid these hidden pitfalls. Experts Global, with its 360-degrees understanding of the admissions process and a record of having helped its students secure admission to the top-ranked B-schools, has, naturally, established itself as a preferred MBA admissions consultant.

Most Comprehensive Admission Consultancy at Experts’ Global

End to End Admission Consulting

Experts’ Global’s consultancy’s sheer breadth of offerings constitutes the strongest point of their MBA admissions consultant practice. From resume-writing, MBA interview preparation, school shortlisting, to theme-building and application management, the firm offers guidance on every aspect of the MBA admissions process.

School Shortlisting

Shortlisting school from myriad choices is virtually a challenging task for the MBA aspirants. While each program offers unique experiences, the student must know the best fit for his/her profile. This is where the efficient team of admission mentors at Experts’ Global, with their ability to carefully analyze the important factors, such as the students’ career goals, geographic preferences, financial realities, scholarship opportunities and the duration of the program, helps the MBA aspirants find the right list of schools to apply to.

Guiding Principle

The MBA admissions mentor at Exerts’ Global sees their “clients” as students or mentees and themselves as teachers, responsible for ensuring their students’ success. Thus, just like every good teacher in charge of a learning environment, they prioritize their students’ success over anything else.

Rich Content

Experts’ Global repository of rich self-study resource is a distinctive feature of their MBA admissions consulting package. An extensive series of explanatory video essays on the various aspects of MBA applications such as resume writing, theme-building, application management, etc., not only familiarizes the student with the nuances of the process but also allows the students the option to work independently, should they so desire.

Well Defined Application Process

Each program has its unique specifications, requirements, and deadlines and keeping track of the same may prove to be an overwhelming task for the MBA aspirant. However, Experts’ Global’s methodical approach has enabled the firm to streamline this seemingly complicated task into a system of milestones, to be tracked and fulfilled by both the student and their mentors. Thus, the student takes one step at a time, in completing the admissions process, without feeling unnecessarily burdened by the entire experience.

Team Quality

It is a truth widely acknowledged that any system is only as good as the people behind it. The admissions team at Experts’ Global is one such cohort of extremely motivated, experienced, and efficient mentors who carry the detailed information of the admissions process of the countless b-schools, worldwide, on their fingertips. Their comprehensive understanding of the entire process further adds to the experience of the students. Importantly, the teams at Experts’ Global are also highly organized that it is incredibly easy to maintain contact with them.

Clear Feedback

Only honest feedback can help you improve by helping you identify, acknowledge, and overcome your weaknesses. This is the underlying principle of providing feedbacks at Experts’ Global. The admissions mentor does not sugarcoat their feedback and are brutally honest about their students’ perceived shortcomings. It may seem an upsetting experience at first, but in the long run, students have affirmed the benefits of this process.

Theme Building

The essay- writing team at Experts’ Global knows that the strongest profiles are the ones that tell a story. Hence, they guide you to not simply jot down information but work on creating a singular, compelling narrative, one that strings together your professional experience and ambitions for the future.

Interview Training

The comprehensive MBA admissions consulting service at Experts’ Global also includes MBA admission interview preparation. The interview prep process begins once the applications have been sent out. To ensure that the student has ample time to prepare, the team starts the process even before the calls begin coming in. This process is divided into 3 steps:

  • The students watch a series of instructional videos that explain the fundamentals of the MBA interview process.
  • Next, the students answer a comprehensive list of commonly asked questions at MBA admission interviews. These responses help the interview mentor gauge the learning requirement of the student.
  • Based on the responses, the interview mentor conducts a mock interview session, which is then followed by clear feedback on the performance. The student is supposed to work on the feedback points prior to the next mock interview session.

Doubtless, Experts’ Global approaches this highly complex and often counterintuitive process, with structure and discipline, both backed by thorough research. That is why they are the first choice for thousands of overwhelmed MBA aspirants.