No Man’s Sky is a few months away from being launched on PS4, where many sci-fi and gaming fans are really hyped about. This game developed by Hello Games has actually ramped up the marketing of the game over the last few weeks

Sean Murray, founder of Hello Games recently published an update of the game on the PlayStation Blog where he described the creation of “No Man’s Sky” art style.

No Man’s Sky grants us full freedom to explore an infinite procedurally generated universe. Credit: WCCF Tech

Murray stated that the “game is procedurally generated but we always want it to have a unique, recognizable style, to look like a science fiction book cover come to live. This is only possible because of our super-talented art team. When we talk about No Man’s Sky, we like to talk about the math that involved in creating the visuals, but really it’s our artists that give the game its beautiful style.”

Algorithmically perfect?

Hello Games released recently a video where it’s shown the process of the team’s artists along with the process, all in the order to finally create the properties that will go into the game’s procedurally-generated system, using both for the vast World’s wildlife as well as its geography, along with the countless structures players will be discovering by hopping in between planets.

PlayStation and No Man’s Sky limited edition PS4

Sean Murray also announced a limited edition custom-themed PS4 with a No Man’s Sky faceplate. The bad news is that the faceplate will be only being available in the Europe and some Middle East countries at the moment, where the availability will vary from the vendor.

No Man’s Sky has been the “coming soon” status for a really long time, but it will have a lot to live up to when it does launch. No Man’s Sky will finally be available on the PS4 and PC on June 21, 2016.

Source: Breathe Cas