Garmin has released an upgraded version of its Vivosmart wearable fitness tracker. The Vivosmart HR+ has a built-in GPS radio that allows the wrist-worn device to automatically detect and keep record of the user’s activity. Garmin’s Move IQ software makes it possible for customers to go for a run and track their workout by just wearing the gadget and see an accurate record of their activity when they stop.

Available through the company’s website, the Vivosmart HR+ costs $219, $80 more than the old classic. Both models are water-resistant, have a black-and-white display and can track distance, steps, heart rate and calories burned.

Vivosmart includes GPS
The new Vivosmart fitness tracker by Garmin includes GPS. Credit: The Verge

Aside from a more accurate tracking activity, the upgraded version promises to map the places the user has gone through Garmin’s Connect app. The newly released model maintains the feature of the previous one that counts the floors climbed and 24/7 heart rate monitoring.

The battery of the new version is designed to last up to five full days with GPS off and heart rate monitoring turned on. Like many other smart wearables available in the market, the Vivosmart HR+ offers notifications for texts, calls, emails and calendars, as well as phone-finding functionalities and music control, a feature most commonly used while working out.

It’s been a busy first quarter for Garmin

Garmin used to be a company that produced dashboard GPS units, but it has now a wide variety of fitness-focused devices. In the last three months, it released the Forerunner 735XT multisport watch, the Vivomove analog watch that includes a built-in activity tracker, the Approach X40 golf tracker, and upgraded versions of the Vivofit wristband and Vivoactive smartwatch.

The company expects to offer a smart device for every need with its product line as it faces a tough competition against rival Fitbit, whose devices share similar functionalities with Garmin’s products. The most noticeable difference is that the latter focuses its efforts on style, battery life, interaction methods and durability.

Source: Tech Crunch