While some people are thrilled and even relieved that after years of “bad boy” behavior, Justin Bieber took to social media to apologize but others are skeptical, believing this is yet another one of his antics for getting attention.

Following an appearance on the popular Ellen DeGeneres Show, Bieber took to Facebook to post a statement saying he never wanted to come across as being conceited or arrogant. He also commented about his behavior over the past year to year and a half, confessing that he is not really who he has been pretending to be.

While on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Bieber pointed out that this had been his first official appearance on television in quite some time. As part of his Facebook statement, he also admitted that he was extremely nervous as to the way people would perceive him.

Bieber went on to express that sometimes, people act differently from what they really as a means of covering up things going on internally. He added that he has a lot of feelings inside and that growing up is hard, especially when getting into the business at such a young age.

One reason for being on the Ellen DeGeneres Show was to surprise her for her birthday. In addition to bringing her beautiful flowers, Bieber gifted DeGeneres with Calvin Klein underwear. Throughout the show, the two talked about their first major appearance on television, his anxiety when sitting for an interview, and the Comedy Central roast coming up for Bieber.

He admitted that he laughs at himself and in looking back over the past few years, recognized he did things that were not so great. With that, DeGeneres gave him a hard time while the two laughed together about his poor behavior.

However, in the video posted on his Facebook page, Bieber emphasized that he was not interested in being someone who does not care about anyone or anything, saying the past is the past. Bieber also wants people to see him as someone gentle, soft, and kind because that is how he was raised by his mother.

Bieber built quite a reputation for himself over several years, doing things like egging a neighbor’s home, going pee in a mop bucket at a local restaurant, drag racing, and drinking underage, not to mention leaving his pet monkey behind in Germany. Perhaps Bieber is finally growing up and taking charge of a better future.