The owner of Expand IT, an information technology firm based in Emeryville, California, Nima Momeni, has been accused of killing Cash App co-founder Bob Lee. Lee was found dead with multiple stab wounds on April 4 in San Francisco and his death has drawn condemnation from top government officials, including Twitter owner Elon Musk, CRN wrote.

IT Firm Owner, Nima Momeni, Accused of Killing Cash App Founder, Bob Lee

The San Francisco County Superior Court stated on Friday that surveillance footage indicated that Momeni stabbed Lee to death. Court documents indicated that Lee was in a relationship with Momeni’s sister and the latter seemed unhappy about it. The video showed that Momeni drove Lee in his late model white BMW Z4 to a dark and secluded place where he stabbed him with a 4-inch kitchen knife.

Lee was 43 years old and Momeni is 38. According to an unnamed Lee’s friend, the deceased left his 1 Hotel San Francisco hotel room at about 12:30 am to go to Momeni’s sister’s apartment at the Millenial Tower. Video footage showed that Momeni had arrived earlier at the tower at about 8:31 pm in his white BMW and that he and Lee left the building at about 12:39 am.

They entered Momeni’s car and the solution provider executive drove to a secluded area. They exited the car and spoke for a few minutes before Momeni made a sudden move toward Lee. He later entered his car and drove away alone – hours later, Lee was found dead with severe blood loss.

Court documents revealed an undated text message that Momeni’s sister sent to Lee’s mobile phone. “Just wanted to make sure you’re doing ok Cause I know nima came wayyyyyy down hard on you,” she texted. “And thank you for being such a classy manhandling it with class Love you Selfish pr*cks.”

Meanwhile, the San Francisco police commissioner, Kevin Benedicto, has been slammed on Twitter for his unguarded statement regarding Lee’s murder.

“I do feel like some people out there on media and social media that are exploiting this horrific incident for political gain, and this was a tragedy and a crime and it’s under investigation — you heard it from the chief — yet so much of the coverage in this short amount of time has been a significant amount of misrepresenting facts, of fearmongering and of trying to exploit this tragedy,” Benedicto had said. “We don’t know all the facts; the department will update the public and the commission when we do.”

But many people within and outside San Francisco have taken issues with the police commissioner and called him out for the growing violence in the city. He however remains adamant that the public is reading meanings into his words and that everyone should work together to bring peace to the city.