An anonymous hacker has hijacked an ISIS Twitter account and replaced all of the tweets for pro-LGBT messages, links and pictures as a response to the Orlando shooting that happened on June 12.

The hacker has assured this is the way he contributes to the world and has been doing this in his free time for a long time. Under the name of WauchulaGhost, the hacker changes the whole profile look and even messages followers.

In response to last weekend’s mass shooting in Orlando, the hacker group, Anonymous, paid tribute to the victims by breaking into dozens of pro-ISIS Twitter accounts and posting LGBT pride messages and images.
Credit: redalertpolitics

According to CNN Money, the “ghost” has hacked 250 ISIS- related Twitter accounts in the last month, replacing tweets with pornography and pride tweets. He has also tweeted messages such as “I’m gay, and I’m proud”.

WauchulaGhost changed his M.O of posting pornography in the hacked accounts for gay pride and support messages, as a gift to the lost lives in the massacre that happened in Orlando.

ISIS has recently praised the shooting and congratulated Omen Mateen, the shooter, that has been linked to the terrorist organization by authorities in recent investigations. The vast majority of the accounts hacked by the “ghost” were supporting Mateen.

Showing support to the Orlando victims

WauchulaGhost has been fighting ISIS Twitter accounts for a couple of months and changes their description to “hacked by ghost”, after showing support messages for the LGBT community.

“You had all those innocent lives lost, I just felt there’s something I could do against the Islamic State to defend those people,” said the hacker in a phone interview with CNN Money.

According to the hacker, he belonged to a group that discovered vulnerabilities in pro- ISIS Twitter accounts and has been hacking them in his free time, for several months now.  While assuring, there are thousands of ISIS hunters on the internet.

WauchulaGhost used to belong to an internet hacktivist group called Ghost security group, which according to CNN Money, is made of former counterintelligence officials and computer specialists. The “Ghost” is acting alone since November.

Anonymous has launched another wave of hacking attacks against Islamic State (Isis), taking over social media accounts associated with the group and giving them an LGBT-flavoured makeover. Credit: The Guardian

The hacker along with several other groups have criticized Twitter for providing a platform for terrorism and not doing enough to suspend them from the social media. Although the company has assured, they have suspended around 125,000 ISIS-related accounts.

WauchulaGhost has received support and gratefulness in social media for disabling this accounts and bringing support and light to the mourning LGBT community after the shooting in Orlando, Florida.

According to CNN, the hacker describes himself as an average person that works eight hours a day in an office job but takes his free time to defend those affected by ISIS as he challenges them on the web.

The hacker has allegedly received death threats from ISIS members

Source: CNN Money