TOGAF or the open group architecture framework is a progressive and developmental method used by most IT companies to design their IT architecture. It is currently the most used framework in the field of enterprise architecture. TOGAF poses a very high-level approach to design.

Is Togaf Certification Still Worth It In 2021

TOGAF helps organizations to design and develop an IT infrastructure without a lot of hassles. TOGAF experts are crucial for implementing an excellent IT infrastructure development strategy and are being widely looked for. At present, there are not enough people with TOGAF certifications, which can be very beneficial for professionals. TOGAF experts help to quickly and effectively design an IT infrastructure by communicating with department heads.

Now proceeding to the main question, let us know, Is TOGAF Certification Still Worth It In 2021?

Is TOGAF Certification Still Worth It In 2021?

2020 has been a year of drastic changes in everything. Professionals worldwide have been affected, the corporates have now realized the value of skill in employees, so they are eagerly looking for more skilled employees. It is high time for everyone to work on getting more qualified.

Yes, TOGAF certification is still with it in 2021 because there is an insufficient number of people with TOGAF certification everywhere. Reports suggest that 80% of the world’s organizations have already adopted TOGAF as the framework. Some employers have even listed it as a mandatory requirement for their jobs. Many big consultancy companies like Capgemini, Oracle, HP are already using it. It is also a globally recognized certification, which will help you snatch jobs in any part of the world.

Let us know about several other reasons why you should get a TOGAF certification in 2021.

5 Reasons why you should get a TOGAF certification in 2021

TOGAF is an increasingly popular certification. Employees all over the world are already enrolling in the course. TOGAF is believed to be the go-to framework for IT architecture. Here are some reasons why you should get a TOGAF certification in 2021.


  • Cost-effective and easy to start


TOGAF is exceptionally cost-effective. It more of a skill rather than just a certification. There are no prerequisites for TOGAF. You can start straight away. TOGAF is the 2021 certification of the year for sure. It is going to be worth every penny you put into learning. Once you enroll, you need to go through different training levels and some exams to get certified finally.


  • Globally accepted


TOGAF is globally accepted and recognized as a valuable certification. There are only around 1,00,000 TOGAF certified personnel worldwide as of now. There is a need for more current. You can get an excellent job in any country of this world with this. This degree is versatile and will help you secure higher places in a position, mostly in leadership, so apparently, your payment will be outstanding.


  • Versatile


TOGAF is not only meant for architects and IT professionals, but it is also a certification in the managerial field. During the examination, you are also tested for some basic concepts of management. So, you can fetch administrative positions in other areas too.


  • Used by top companies of the world


Top employers of the world are already using TOGAF and looking for more and more TOGAF certified employees. If you are willing to secure a job in any of these corporations, you must look to get certified shortly. These companies include Capgemini, HP, Oracle, etc.


  • More salary and hireability


A person with TOGAF certification automatically gets more hireable and eligible for higher pay as there are not many TOGAF certified professionals in the world right now. The corporations are desperately looking for more and more TOGAF accredited employees. Already, 80% of the world’s top organizations have adapted the TOGAF model of architecture, and many more will do too.

The cost of getting TOGAF certified is also significantly less. You can get certified from anywhere around $ 300-400. For higher-level certifications, you might need to pay a bit more. There are two types; namely, TOGAF Foundation and TOGAF certified. It is more suggested to get certified rather than just quitting at the foundation stage. A TOGAF certified certification can cost you around $500.

The Bottom line

There is no substitute for hard work. One must know this for sure. The world is changing rapidly. There is an increasing need for unique skills among employees rather than just a mere degree. Remember, there is always someone better than you waiting for a chance, so keep evolving!!

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