What do you think is the major cause of people switching their jobs frequently? The most rational logic would be that they got better opportunities! But, the reality is that most employees who leave do so because they do not feel work satisfaction. They do not feel heard or even challenged at their jobs, and to settle in for just a paycheck is a compromise for a talented person, so they eventually end up making a move.

Inspire Your Employees With Six Proven And Effective Ways

While your leadership style may be good enough, you too would agree that employee retention seems to be sub-par. To help you keep your people motivated and stable, you could do the following things to inspire them into working at their productive-st:

1. Do not be a leader; be a guide:

Often, employers forget that they are dealing with individuals who too deserve to be respected and nourished. An employer, when he chooses to be bossy or nagging, would not make a friend at his own company.

However, if you give people a decent environment and friendly smiles, they would open up to you rather quickly. This will not only help you befriend them but also encourage them towards their best performances. It is often said that good leaders do not spoonfeed, but instead, they guide! It is now your job to find the sweet spot!

2. Pampering:

A little bit of spoiling is fine, and in fact, needed! You could pamper your best performers with choices. They could choose from shopping coupons, spa retreats, and more. You could also hire professionals from whom you can get help and you devise better rewarding strategies. To know more, visit the website!

3. Groom them:

Organizations are notorious for reducing human talent to mere factory usage. Humans are more than workers, and when leaders see that, they groom their followers. This is done so to ensure that each one in the team works at their best potential. Moreover, organizing workshops and classes to groom other pros of your employees would be appreciated by them. This would go on to make your organization a positive workplace.

4. Ask them what inspires them:

It is one thing to reward them the way you deem fit, and another to ask them what motivates them. It isn’t necessary that only an annual bonus or once-a-week award would keep every individual happy.

You must try and understand who you are working with. Find out everybody’s pleasure points, and make it a point to treat everyone the way they would feel acknowledged. While we do not recommend that you go over-spending to cater to everyone, however, even small personalized gestures could score you a big one.

5. Fun-office:

No matter how cool a workplace is, everyone likes to take a little break. Make their lunch or snack time fun by organizing weekly karaoke or getting singers in once-a-week. You could also keep indoor games such as pool or chess for them to let go of work. Yoga rooms or counseling experts too could be included in your workplace. Anything that enriches an employee should be provided.

6. Lead by example:

It is one thing to preach, but to practice! Most leaders expect their followers to be on time or to be smarter, however, everyone looks up to the leaders, and it is their responsibility to show them how things are done right. You can not expect your workers to be on time if you are never punctual. You can not hold them accountable if you are missing from the action spot. You have to set the bars high and trace the path for everyone to follow you on.