Similarly to a dentist, a periodontist cares for the dental health of an individual. This person specializes in the placement of dental implants, the treatment, diagnosis, and preventions of any periodontal diseases, and the treatment of oral inflammation. They usually receive extensive training which includes three years of education after the dental school. Also, they are trained in performing procedures for cosmetic periodontal and are familiar with the newest techniques for treating and diagnosing periodontal diseases.

How Important Is A Periodontist?

As such, seeking treatments and clinical check-ups with periodontists are as important as visiting doctors. In light of this, below are some significant reasons why people are advised to visit them at least once a month.

Prevention of tooth loss

The primary reason why people seek therapy from a periodontist like Dr Marlene Teo is to prevent their tooth loss. Once gum diseases progress and evolve into a more complicated stage, the bacteria that causes the infection will begin to also affect the soft tissues within the jaw bone, tooth root, and gums. Under this circumstance, the gum will start to recede and will not be strong enough to support the teeth. Moreover, if the infection spreads all over the jaw bone and tooth root, it could deteriorate and can lead to the tooth coming loose. With guidance from a periodontist, people can maintain their oral health and continue having a complete set of teeth.

Avoid irksome symptoms

The mouth is an ideal place for bacterias to grow because they are moist and warm. With this, a small infection could quickly develop into some significant issue that could spread throughout the entire mouth, including the structures of the teeth. To prevent these situations, it is important to immediately seek a periodontist to have primal check-ups and prevention measures; people will be treated and accommodated to avoid many negative effects and unpleasant symptoms like inability to eat, abscesses, foul breath, and gum pain caused by gum diseases. In general, since having good oral health is substantial, it is recommended that people should regularly visit a periodontist.

Protect the health

The periodontal diseases are inflammatory conditions that usually spread quickly and begin in a person’s mouth. Thus, if certain gum disease is not treated properly and immediately, the bacteria that causes the infection can move freely around the body by entering the bloodstream; this would then affect and create other problems in any organ the bacteria has come contact with including the main body systems like digestive system, circulatory system, and respiratory system. Furthermore, patients who have advanced periodontal diseases are at risk of developing serious health problems like stroke, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, liver failure, kidney disease, heart disease, and high blood pressure.

With this, individuals need to seek help and guidance from reliable periodontists to keep these diseases at bay and reduce the risk of developing any mentioned conditions. These experts would also make sure that the oral health of the people is in a good state.