Let’s face it. We rely on our computers for just about every facet of our daily lives. However, we have found ourselves compromised by conditions for indoor and outdoor use. Thankfully, strides have been made in innovation that allows for high performance no matter if you’re on the go or dealing with rain coming down. Panel PCs have a long track record of reliable operation in dusty conditions, wet environments, and extreme temperatures, and they are now game changers in several lines of industry.

How Can a PC Panel Benefit My Company?

Medical Computers

Within the medical industry, the PC panel is making life easier for doctors, nurses, and all other caretakers. Medically certified computers, particularly touchscreen, are enhancing the standard of care in hospitals and other medical facilities. This operating system is popping up in a variety of settings, particularly in ambulances. EMTs are turning to a resistive touchscreen to quickly gain patient data to send to the nearest emergency room. This is streamlining the procedure by which patients are getting care, eliminating wait time in hospital settings.

With epic compliance and easy connection to Wi-Fi, these panels with significant processor speed are making sure medical professionals are kept abreast of any developments. These developments may even be brought into a research atmosphere, helping with innovations for new products and treatments. With fanless designs and quick charging, connectivity has been made easier than ever. These panel PCs allow for system integration to upload directly to patient portals, send orders for tests quicker, and even have insurance claims filed faster, leading to quicker payout.

Industrial PC Panels

Designed with the utmost in durability and performance, industrial-grade computers come in numerous form factors, screen sizes, and configurations to accommodate operations for any business. Companies like Teguar can customize industrial-grade computers for nearly any application and worksite condition. Industries from food processing and energy to aerospace and pharmaceuticals can rely on panel PCs to help make business processes easier. With real-time access to information and analytics, leaders are able to make adjustments on the fly with evidence to back it up.

With capacitative touchscreens, companies are able to monitor their procedures, recognizing problems with greater immediacy no matter the atmosphere. For example, a field services tablet can allow for a farm to inform a processor that there may be a shortage of certain products for this upcoming cycle. You can also see this in a manufacturing setting. An automotive maker can turn to a different touch screen type with a larger display size to be able to spot an issue that is having an impact on the assembly line, delaying protection and order fulfillment.

Commercial Use

Commercial computers are designed to stand up to the performance demands of the general public, as well as provide 24/7 functionality in high-traffic applications. These PC panels are manufactured to withstand a variety of different software applications as well as environmental challenges. For example, a restaurant may rely on panel PCs as part of a point-of-sale (POS) system to accommodate customers’ orders. If you’re working in a nightclub-type atmosphere, you may need a panel with high brightness to be able to input the information correctly in dimly lit rooms.

With an embedded program to filter through orders quicker and provide receipts instantly, an HDMI display makes things that much easier to see for a server. This also can be applied to interactive displays, self-service kiosks, or outdoor digital signage as part of corporate marketing. Panel PCs are able to function after charging, making workers and businesses alike ready to operate through respective shifts without any fear of a power outage hurting their abilities to get work done and satisfy customers and workers alike.